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VOLUNTEER (NON-EMPLOYEE) community moderator/bosun. Feel free to contact me for assistance with vendor/member-related issues. I also co-run Zarconia (, the host made for Dolphin.

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Eddie Gates
Once again our huge thanks to Nathan and Zarconia for their continued help, support and patience.

catch up later
thanks a lot for your quick help.
great job you are great.

Best regards
I needed help installing the SSL for my chat+ and Nick was there to help. He did exactly what I needed done. :) The price was not bad, nor the timing. We all have lives so for him to give me some of his time is greatly appreciated,
I needed help installing the SSL for my chat+ and Nick was there to help. He did exactly what I needed done. :)
Completely awesome developer who knows his stuff. Much appreciated for the fast and brilliant work above and beyond. Highly recommended. Thanks Nathan.
Excellent service!
Nathan is simply the best! My association with Boonex was nothing but negative until Nathan showed. Thanks for everything you have done for us in a few hours that we couldn't get done in several weeks! I had requested a refund from paypal yesterday for the Dolphin program - that was before you showed up. After an hour working with you, I rescinded my request for a refund from Boonex. Thanks, Nathan!
Zarconia is awesome, best hosting for Dolphin!
Thank you, Nathan Paton!
I am very glad!
You helped me free to move to new sites hosting my sites work perfectly! is one of the best hosts with whom I had to deal with.
I hope it will always be!
10 star from me ! The most helpful guy i come across in boonex :) Thank you
i wish there are more people like you in this world,you are just amazing,thank you for everything you've done for me,wish you the absolute best in your life
Hi everyone, just wanted to mention that this guy is really nice, he helped me on a language key problem and explained very well what I needed to do, thumbs up to Nathon
Yowserleft feedback on Test30th of April 2015
The lama makes it for me. You just can't go wrong with a lama.
Thank you Nathan for your help, I was starting to go crazy with this issue, but you nailed it, thank you one more time, this guys is awesome
Just passing through to wish you a great upcoming holiday and thank you for all your great work!
Thank you for the recent help with checking my server settings... very much appreciate the time you took and the small change you made to improve the performance.
Hello everyone,
This is just a quick note to let you know that I have had several different hosting companies and Zarconia is by far the best I have ever worked with. Customer service, quick response and great prices. They go that extra mile for you and make you feel like they work just for you. SIMPLY THE BEST! You can not go wrong with Zarconia!
Excellent support, straight forward and quick. Thank you Nathan for your help.
Great helpful guy! :) Thanks for everything you do!
I want to say Publicly in this Community, Thanks for looking out for the Little guy out here, Without you and your help My site would still be down thanks too a few folks, But you took it upon yourself to search and destroy the few thing's that needed to be fixed. So with that once again I say thank You Nathan.
csampson1left feedback on Test3rd of March 2012
Looks interesting indeed....
Nathan Paton
Nathan Patonleft feedback on Test22nd of February 2012
Just what I needed! Thanks!
Here is a person that truly is there for Boonex and there members ...Wish we had many more like Nathan Paton
Thanks for all your help :-) you are the best !!!! without you I'd still be with that "Grey Dolphin site"
Hi Nathan, it's been almost 24 hours. How long do you think I should have to wait to get a Registration number for a product I purchased Rayz? Not very good service in my opinion. DM
Nathan Paton
I know this is late, but...

Keep in mind that most developers are individuals, not companies. It's possible the developer could be having personal issues, such as a shark attack, or some other incident that is keeping them away (for example, a developer was hospitalized for a while). You shouldn't always expect an immediate response, especially when the developer you're talking about lives on the other side of the world. Rayz is an excellent developer, but can be slow to respond. Give him see more time and be understanding.

Also, in the future (and this is directed towards anyone), send me a message instead of leaving a comment. I don't get notifications of new profile comments, which means it could be weeks before I respond. It's shocking, but I don't read these.
Nathan has been a big help with trying help fix my Dolphin issues. Since there is not tech support with Boonex at all we have to get help from people like Nathan.

Thank you!
Hi, I bought two days in ads, but the url was incorrect. I tried to fix but could not. I canceled the ad by mistake, did not say he would lose the announcement and ended up losing my money, because the ad was not published. I want a resolution: the publication of my ad or my money back. how to proceed?
Magnussoft has an extreme knowledge of Dolphin and is prompt in all he does. Recommended for anything you may need help with! Don't think twice when condering him for your services. AAAA++++
Magnussoft is good at what they do, I was about to give up on this Dolphin and let it Die but Magnussoft brought it back to life
Really good help... We really need this kind of great people
Always ready to help people. Awesome supporter.
Very Supportive, Great Guy.
One of the most helpful and technically prepared people I have met so far within this community.
Again thumbs up for Magnussoft.
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