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Report button in iOS appAlexT started 28 Dec 2013 · dolphin_jay replied 28 Dec 2013To add "Report" button to profile in iOS app, execute the following query for your Dolphin database:  INS...
iPhone Rebranding SupportZarcon started 28 Nov 2011 · ronnie1983 replied 4 Jul 2014I decided to post a topic regarding rebranding the iPhone mobile app. I recently was able to re-brand the app for this first ...
iPhone app rebranding informationAlexT started 8 Jan 2010 · AlexT replied 8 Jan 2010- To be able to rebrand the iPhone app you need to purchase a Prime
app dolphin IOS is hybrid or native?Yeeesss started 14 Dec 2017 · Yeeesss replied 14 Dec 2017hi, i need know how put in App Android and IOS all module , wall and menu ?
"connection Error" with IOS appjohn_r_c started 24 Sep 2016 · john_r_c replied 24 Sep 2016Hi,   I have a ipod with IOS 9 and wanted to test the boonex app.   when I add my site ; it says ...
Join From App? How can member sign up from Appmigone1 started 20 Jul 2014 · gafed6220 replied 5 Sep 2016Currently, the member must first join from the desktop version of the website before using the mobile app. They are no...
App approvalronnie1983 started 1 Nov 2015 · ronnie1983 replied 1 Nov 2015Hello i am trying to get my app approved in the app store. However they give me this feedback. and i am not sure what ...
IOS RejectionChesney95 started 7 Mar 2015 · Expertzkris replied 21 Jul 2015I hired Expertzkris to get my app posted and approved in iOS however, he cannot get past this rejection. Any Advice out there...
Facebook logonChesney95 started 16 Jul 2015 · moonsoon2u replied 16 Jul 2015I am looking for someone who can install a Facebook sign on, into my iOS App.
Facebook LoginChesney95 started 6 Jul 2015 · Chesney95 replied 6 Jul 2015I am having issues with Facebook login. My developer cannot seem to get it working to where customers can log in with Faceboo...
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