Dolphin 7.0
Logo in the email TemplatesJonnaklasine started 29 Aug 2021 · Jonnaklasine replied 1 Sep 2021Hello everybody, how do you get a logo in the email templates? had already tried with and without path informat...
Users cannot log in, nor can they register.Jonnaklasine started 4 Jun 2021 · LeonidS replied 6 Jun 2021Hello everybody, maybe someone can help me find the bug. Users can no log in, nor can they register. The...
How to delete Video in the comment section.dvcgraphics started 16 Mar 2020 · faceclub replied 10 May 2021I see this and since this use Flash, i don't want it.How to delete that.? See picture, thank you.  
Disable "Periodic Report" e-mails.newbreed started 14 Nov 2010 · callum replied 3 May 2021Since my update to 7.3, I have begun receiving these with any action that Dolphin fires out an e-mail to me for.  I really do...
splash page login button problemJonnaklasine started 28 Mar 2021 · Jonnaklasine replied 28 Mar 2021I have the splash page with the login button now public on all pages.The login button is now doing its job.if onl...
dolphin 7.4.2 payments ProblemsJonnaklasine started 14 Mar 2021 · Jonnaklasine replied 28 Mar 2021Hi have problems with dolphin 7.4.2 payments Payments for paid memberships are made correctly only the m...
Tiny mce errormauricecano started 6 Jan 2010 · geek_girl replied 13 Mar 2021Recently for no reason my Tiny mce editor disappeared and I am receiving this error Webpage error details
Buttons not like i want...dvcgraphics started 14 Feb 2021 · geek_girl replied 15 Feb 2021Hello, s you see 3 buttons are long and 1 are small.I want them all small... How to do that?   I know it'...
Stream on my website.dvcgraphics started 28 Jan 2021 · geek_girl replied 15 Feb 2021Hi, can anyone tell me how to stream video to my website?I thought with a ( canvas ) html code or so. But i dont see it...
How can i make the place to change bio higher?dvcgraphics started 3 Feb 2021 · dvcgraphics replied 14 Feb 2021How can i make the place to change bio higher?
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Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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