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Click on map to edit locationsureandhraindia started 24 Sep 2017 · LeonidS replied 8 Dec 2018In profile page, after clicking edit location, unable bto change location. Also redirect to Google maps should be poss...
Membership upgrade from promotionalsureandhraindia started 18 Mar 2017 · sureandhraindia replied 15 Sep 2018It seems membership ugrade option available only for existing standard membership level. how to change that? so...
Error During installationkianarose30 started 4 Jun 2018 · kianarose30 replied 4 Jun 2018Hi, I'm receiving an error during installation. after uploading the file to my server , and extracting and moving the files t...
Can't click the top breadcrumbs in the forumbrentsu started 1 Jun 2018 · brentsu replied 1 Jun 2018Why can't I click on the URL of the top breadcrumbs in the forum?
email not working?charlesfacemeetz started 23 May 2018 · TruckingSpace replied 23 May 2018Hi there,   I've tried to reach Nathan P. on many times but got no awnser.  Please ask h...
Map APIPeter Glawischnig started 12 May 2018 · Peter Glawischnig replied 13 May 2018Hi, since today, the map is not shown any longer. I tried a new API key, tried to reinstall the worldmap module, after...
Why the sitemap's date is all today?brentsu started 24 Apr 2018 · brentsu replied 24 Apr 2018For example:   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset xmlns="
Share icondentech3 started 17 Apr 2018 · dolphin_jay replied 19 Apr 2018There's a Share icon under my main navigation, that seems to be part of an actionsContainer. I cannot find where to disable i...
Disabling right click on profile photosureandhraindia started 28 Sep 2017 · sureandhraindia replied 14 Apr 2018How to Disabe right click on profile photo across the site? Want this is only for comfort while using mobile.
How to prevent double click on submit button?brentsu started 11 Apr 2018 · brentsu replied 14 Apr 2018Double click or Multiple clicks of a forms ‘Submit’ button could result in the form being submitted twice. Depending on the a...
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