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how get my nameserver to workjayish started 30 Nov 2016 · ProfessorSr replied 1 Dec 2016I have tried to get my ns to work but when i enter it in it say's invalid nameserver, what do i do. even had godda...
The dolphin generates "RSS feeds"?gsoft started 23 Oct 2016 · AlexT replied 6 Nov 2016
Vanilla Forum IntegrationZarcon started 1 Apr 2016 · Zarcon replied 11 Apr 2016There was a topic back in 2012 where Deano was working on integrating Vanilla into Dolphin. Not sure what ever happen to that...
Ghost Membersr_team started 8 Apr 2016 · sr_team replied 8 Apr 2016Hello all,   i have recognized that an new joined member is seen 1 time in the admin/ip_blacklist, and this was...
Regular pruningdentech3 started 21 Mar 2016 · dentech3 replied 26 Mar 2016I'm wanting to regularly go through and delete old photos, forum posts, blogs etc that are really old. Is there an easy way t...
Need help determining if this is malware.jboyte started 20 Nov 2015 · EagleII replied 2 Mar 2016I have FileZilla on my a Mac and began a download to archive a copy of the site.   FileZilla reported 5 php fil...
Horizontal scrollbar - how to change colourProfesize started 15 Jan 2016 · EagleII replied 2 Mar 2016I thought someone may find this handy. I just upgraded to 7.2.1 and am using an adjusted version of the Evo template.
Languages Questionsohopa started 3 Feb 2016 · AlexT replied 5 Feb 2016I am new and filling my head with info and trying to get things done. I am on the Initial(l) Steps in Dashboard in Dolphin. 
Introductory Membershipdanthman started 16 Dec 2015 · AlexT replied 26 Dec 2015In Dolphin Pro there is an introductory membership. If someone buys an introductory membership and it expires are they then c...
Altering Category Optionswebdelaney started 9 Dec 2015 · webdelaney replied 9 Dec 2015Anyone know where to direct me to find how I can alter the options in these category options. Current options are:
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Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
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