7.4.2 Bug Profile Cover Changer Broken

In the upgrade instructions it indicates to report bugs in this forum area.

The bug is that with 7.4.2, the function to change the profile cover is broken. The button to do so is there but it does not work. More discussion regarding this here:



Quote · 18 May 2019

I believe i found the bug for this one.

Edit file templates\base\scripts\BxBaseProfileGenerator.php


At about line 346 look for this.

if(BxDolRequest::serviceExists('photos', 'profile_cover')) {

Change it to this.

if(BxDolRequest::serviceExists('photos', 'profile_cover', 'Search')) {


Problem is this. The serviceExists call is checking to see if the profile_cover service exists. It is looking in the default class for the module, but that service is in the search class, not the module class, So it needs to be told to check in that class instead. So because it could not find the class, it was never called.

Quote · 19 May 2019

Deano! Holy smokes, that fixed it. Thank you very much. Having that fix really made my day. Thank you for finding the solution.

Quote · 19 May 2019

I opened a ticket on github https://github.com/boonex/dolphin.pro/issues/688


Perhaps boonex will notice that one as this topic has not seem to have gotten attention from them.

Quote · 22 May 2019

This one bug is not enough to release a patch.  However, we could roll all these patches back into a new 7.4.0 release and fix this mess.

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Quote · 22 May 2019

Hello friends

That has not worked for me, I still have the same problem, I can not change the profile cover.

I get an error "Page was not found"

and it takes me to the following link: https://mydomain.org/__href_upload__

Any ideas?

Thank you

Quote · 11 Jul 2019

Solved. :-)

It was a problem of my personalized template, that the developer has already reached.


Quote · 17 Jul 2019

Thanks Deano, code change worked perfectly!

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