Braces around Forum in Orca not working



Usually I do good about figuring these things out, but I'm either completely missing the boat on this or I've done something wrong...  I installed Dolphin 6.1 on the server and it's working great, but the Forums part (Orca I assume) isn't working... 


Here's a link:


Are there supposed to be braces around the words?  Also, I can add forums, but none of the members can add/contribute to them?





Quote · 20 Aug 2009

You need to compile the language files. For forums and groups.

Log into admin, Then goto Plugins -> Orca Forum

Click the link en next to the Compile Langs wording. Refresh the page. Navigate to http://your_site_url/groups/orca and click the link en next to the Compile Langs wording. Refresh the page.
Quote · 20 Aug 2009

Hello deano,


Thanks!  That got rid fo the braces...  However, members still can not add anything to the forums.  I check the permissions in Settings -> Membership Levels, and they have permission to Use Private and Public orca forums...


Any help is very appreciated!


Thanks again!



Quote · 21 Aug 2009

You only have a group setup. You need to add forums to that group for people to post in.

When managing the forums. There is a big obvious button to add a group which you did.

Now you need to click on the icon next to the group which looks like a folder next to the Red X icon to add a forum to that group. Once a forum is setup then members should be able to post to it.
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