Check For (Modules) Updates Not Working

While looking around files for process_db_input code in them I had a feeling we might have a problem with administration\modules.php

Alas, now that I have added a few modules I clicked on the 'Check For Updates' in Modules Admin and nothing happens.

As usual, tested in

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Quote · 22 Jul 2020

I should add:

Dolphin 7.4.2

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Quote · 22 Jul 2020

It will not show anything at all if there were no updates found. Which will look like it is doing nothing.

And the feature requires that the Module vendor include a update url in the modules config file.

For example, Boonex does not provide a update url. Modzzz does in most of his modules.

If no update is available, or all you have a Boonex modules, the you will see nothing, otherwise you will see the text New version is available appear after the module name in the installed modules list.
Quote · 22 Jul 2020

How right you are (as always)

Places version 2.1.7 by New version is available.

Which is strange, as I just downloaded that one.

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Quote · 24 Jul 2020

That does appear to be the latest version, so it may be a issue at modzzz end when checking the version, or a problem with how dolphin is checking it. Will require some more digging.
Quote · 24 Jul 2020
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