Cronjob: last cronjob execution time - None

In this admin section: ..../administration/host_tools.php 

at the cronjobs topic: 

  • last cronjob execution time - None

But i do get emails regulary (every minute) from the server to my email adress


But why is there written NONE? Anyone an idea?

Quote · 20 Sep 2018

Hello mrtn!


There could be the several reasons:

1) wrong way to periodic/cron.php (this file renews the value about the last execution) in Cron Jobs. An email can be set in the Cron Jobs directly that's the way you're getting these emails every minute.


2) Some errors in the periodic/cron.php before an update of this variable.


Please send me Control Panle access details via messenger here, I'll check what can be wrong.

Quote · 21 Sep 2018

really look at the emails that you are getting - you shouldnt be getting an email each minute unless you have an error somewhere.


also, go to your periodic folder and rename the .htaccess file to htaccess.txt instead of .htaccess

then open your web browser and enter (change "" to your actual domain name) - this will force the cron to run and should show a last cron time.


check what it says in the box above the last cron execution time - this should show your cron rules - post that please.
Quote · 21 Sep 2018

Have you recently moved hosts?

If so, has the path to cron script changed?

I was noticing similar since we moved from Zarconia.

Following Professor's tip, I forced cron to run but it didn't update last cron execution time.

Checking (and changing) the path to cron - then forcing cron.php to run again - did.

Changed htaccess.txt back to .htaccess


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Quote · 22 Sep 2018

Thank you all for your help.

The emails i get show the following text and error message:


<font color="red">register_globals is On (warning, you should have this param in the Off state, or your site will be unsafe)</font> <br /> <font color="red">PHP version too old, please update to PHP 5.3.0 at least</font> <br />
Please go to the <br />
<a href="">Dolphin Troubleshooter</a> <br />
and solve the problem.

But when i look at the section:   I see that i do have

PHP: 5.6.37 - OK



  • register_globals = Off - OK

So why do i get this error message? Does anyone have an idea? Obviously it is these error or presumably errors that keep the cronjob from being executed properly.
Quote · 22 Sep 2018

try manually clearing your site cache. delete everything except for the htaccess files
Quote · 22 Sep 2018

Same result.

I deleted everything in cache and cache public except htaccess.

But the emails are sent each minute with the error text.

Quote · 22 Sep 2018

are you on a shared hosting?


I ask because i had an issue where the main server used php 7, and i had to manually add a lower version of php - as well as a different php.ini file. I had the luxury of being able to do this because i owned the server, and i am wondering if your issue is similar. Main server does have the requirements, but maybe there is a specific php.ini file in your directory which has different php values and it is causing a conflict.


I am throwing out hail marys here, cause this is odd.
Quote · 22 Sep 2018

It is shared hosting, but i can choose a php version also. I chose 5.6

Quote · 22 Sep 2018

The possible trouble may be connected with the wrong way to the actual path of PHP 5.6. You may check the path of the Cron Jobs and correct it according to the actual values of PHP 5.6.

Quote · 23 Sep 2018

Hi everybody!


So in the first zoom, we've found with Martin that Cron Jobs were setup to the default PHP. But in this shared hosting, the default PHP has 5.3 version. So we switched it to use 5.5. For now, the previous error messages have gone away.

Quote · 24 Sep 2018

Just found out that 5 days ago, cron job stopped working. What could cause this? I did not change a thing on my server except experimenting with templates.

Quote · 14 May 2019

Do you know if the PHP version changed / upgraded at all ?

Maybe the file they edited back in 2018 changed to use php 5.5 ? - Skype: Dolphin Techs
Quote · 15 May 2019

Hi everybody!


As I've got a similar request today. So the reason of not-working Cron Jobs was in missing php 5.6 folder, which was used by Cron command. So the easiest way to check your Cron Jobs just run the full Cron command under SSH in your server.

Quote · 16 May 2019

That's what I figured.   Good to know,  thanks for letting us know. - Skype: Dolphin Techs
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