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We would like to remove the "events" link from the Googlemap but keep the module installed. I searched for this link in database, but without success. Can you help us ? Thank you in advance

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Quote · 28 Aug 2017

Go to the World Map admin section ( ) and uncheck Events.

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Quote · 28 Aug 2017

When we uncheck Events, (+ clean cache server) ... The link is always visible

Where this link is in Database ?

Thanks in advance

Quote · 1 Sep 2017

I have not tested but the below should work (clear cache after) :

UPDATE `bx_wmap_parts`  set `enabled`=0 where `part` = 'events' 

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Quote · 1 Sep 2017

we had similar issues.  The items persisted despite unchecking.  The `bx_wmap_parts`  did contain the entries to delete.

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