Description block - text overflow?

Hi, I've noticed after upgrade to Boonex Dolphin ver. 7.3.2 that on Profile page in Description block the text overflow the description block box...:








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Thank you for the report:

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Quote · 17 Aug 2016

what is the fix?


I have the same problem on event descriptions

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Thank you, I've added it to the issue.

Fix will be available in the next version update. 

I have the same problem on event descriptions


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Quote · 17 Apr 2017

When someone copy pastes content from html page, table is showing overflow.

It was in "premium events" module (modzz).

I doubt the same issue happening with boonex events or other modules description blocks. 

Generally, it should be scrollable. The text and images should be resizable to fit.

Text outflow was already fixed and also mobile-friendly. Any solution for images and tables?

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@sureandhraindia - When you copy and paste, you are also copying the existing style elements. If image/table has style with fixed width/height etc. then they will not be dynamically adjusted. 

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Thank you @modzzz

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