Different background images in EVO template



I want to have a backgound image on my homepage and just a background color on all the other pages in my EVO template. 

I saw an earlier advice on copying page_1.html to the template folder and make the adjustments there, but it doesn't seem to work.


The site is: www.educatedsingles.com


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Hi i don't know if this mod work with your version,

check it out if you want. I bought it few years ago :)


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Create a file called index.css and place it in the /templates/tmpl_evo/css/ folder with this in it:


@import url(../../base/css/index.css); 


div.sys_root_bg {

position: fixed;

top: 0px;

left: 0px;

width: 100%;

    width: 100vw;

height: 120%;

height: 120vh;


background-image: url(../images/sys-bg-main-2x.jpg);

background-repeat: no-repeat;

background-position: center center;

-webkit-background-size: cover;

-moz-background-size: cover;

-o-background-size: cover;

background-size: cover !important;



Make sure to clear all the cache folders in admin after changes. 

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Hello Jay, index.css works but only for home in menu, not for peaple page and other tabs, I just want white background, I have tried to to make white the original blue image at: templates/tmpl_evo/images/sys-bg-main.jpg but does not work, maybe you have an idea, thanks

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