Error on Join.php checkAction() fatal error. Unkno

After going through the join process as a new user, once complete I am sent to a blank page with the error message checkAction() fatal error. Unknown action ID: 0.


No idea how long this has been going on.  The acccount is still created in the database but the new user isn't thrilled about the junky introduction.  I figured first that it was mod security but it's not.  I have it turned off after so many conflicts with Dolphin and unable to get the right exceptions for all the rules so it's just off. It's not that.  Next I thought maybe it's the old 3rd party app I never stopped using from Deano called Dolphin Anti Spam.  To this day that thing was actually still blocking sign ups as it should even though the mod page was destroyed and we've moved several versions since then.  Just to be sure I uninstalled the old module and still nothing.  Last ditch effort I just replaced my 7.3.5 join.php with a fresh one and still the same issue.


Thanks for any ideas.

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There's been plenty of discussion before. I did a quick search and got numerous results.  Have a look at this thread and look at Alex-T's last comment in particular.

It could be another module affecting the Join form.

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The error is coming from memberships.  Actions refer to what a member can do on the site.  Perhaps you uninstalled a module that did not properly clean up afterwards.

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Thanks John I've read that thread prior to posting and I wasn't convinced because nothing has changed on my install other than updating from 7.3.3 to 7.3.5.  I removed the 3rd party module that has anything to do with join.php after reading that thread.  I know we like to assume no one has searched amd read history before posting but not the case for me this time.  


Geek girl that was my 2nd thing to instantly take a look and see if I had any thing weird going on in my default membership level that would conflict with a registration.  However, again norhing had changed. There had been no installs or removals in quite some time. I did update dolphin versions but I can't say that caused the error. It could have been doing it long before and with my low registration rate I might not get any reports because if you refresh the page or reload the home page you see that a new account is still created.  Thanks for your feedback.  


I will go snoop around in the coming days for some other thoughts I'm having.  I'll post back for archive purposes if I discover the answer in my case.

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Did you apply the 7.3.4 update as well?


Your error message relates to a missing action in the database/ the actions table;  There is an action listed that the script can not find.  Therefore, don't waste time looking at things not related to membership levels and actions/allowed to do.

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I agree that will be my aim of action and yes I applied .4 before .5.



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In inc/


Find this snippet :


function checkAction($iMemberId, $actionID, $performAction = false, $iForcedProfID = 0, $isCheckMemberStatus = true)



Just below, place this code snippet to identify where the problem is coming from.





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Thank you Modzzz I placed the code in but I'm not seeing anything other than the default error I've been getting.  I have PHP display error reporting turned on.

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Please try the code snippet below :

        echo $actionID . '$actionID'; exit;

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