Export data - Does this button work for you?

Export data - Does this button work for you? I only see somekind of loadingf animation. In DEMO the user receives instantly the message that a download link was sent to the adress.

Quote · 21 Apr 2020

Hello mrtn!


May you please specify your request with more details? Form this info it's not clear what export data procedure did you mean.

Quote · 26 Apr 2020

The export data button in the account page of a user. Please see attached image.

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Quote · 26 Apr 2020

I have never used that button.

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Quote · 29 Apr 2020

To the forum.

Does the button work for your website?

Quote · 2 May 2020

Mine worked. The more data there is to export, the longer it will take. It took 15-20 seconds when i tested it. So it will not be instant in most cases.

Quote · 2 May 2020

I also tested it for about 10 minutes, no result.


Has anyone an idea, what could be the cause?

Quote · 17 Jun 2020

This "loop" happens also for a fresh user.  So i assume that a 3rd party module causes this problem. 


Has anyone an idea how to trace the responsible one? Or how i could "reduce" the data grabbing process? Any idea?

Quote · 17 Jun 2020
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