If UNA is the NOW and Dolphin is the Past....

Since Boonex no longer is supporting dolphin, yet still accepting payments, and only supporting their new platform UNA, they are double dipping while leaving us dry and wasting money. I have Dolphin installed at UnFilterMyVoice.com and have checked out the UNA on my localhost. Once the UNA gets the same features as Dolphin, I MIGHT be tempted to replace my website with it. But when UNA cannot offer something as simple as per-user-category creation like Dolphin can, while charging double for the license fee, I will wait.

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@blacksunday, it would be really helpful if you read the forums before posting and wherever possible, use existing threads on the subject. There are now three, but one would have sufficed.



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Here you go! Enjoy the reading...it is important for you to make the decision. Most of us are at the edge due to heavy investment to either Dolphin or UNA. Looks like you joined one month ago. If you are new and just starting, please consider all options. Also, please join other threads below for your questions and concerns.





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