Key issue or error / same key in menu and submenu

I assume (not 100% sure) that the top menu and the sub menu of MY ...  uses the same key. 

I use such strings as <i class="sys-icon th-list"></i> Ads  so that i have icons and a word in the TOP MENU.


When now clicking for example MY ADS and then clicking into the MENU on the left you see that there is also an ICON in this sub menu for ads. That can only happen when this position uses the same key as the TOP MENU position. Because every othe module in the SUB MENU does not show an icon. Am i right or did i miss something? Please see attached image

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Quote · 21 Apr 2020

Best to contact your template developer on that one. For all of the default templates, icons do not appear at all in the menus. See boonex demo site.


Yet in the pic you provided, it clearly shows icons. So you must be using a custom template. So what that template uses in those locations is best answered by the person who developed the template.
Quote · 22 Apr 2020

It is not about the icons.  The "issue" is also in the DEMO.

Every module uses 2 different keys for TOP MENU and the (i think) SUB MENU. Except for the Ads module. Please see image2 

Ads module the key is:  _bx_ads_Ads in both positions. So one can not have different strings there.

Groups for example uses  

_bx_groups_menu_root  for the TOP MENU and

_bx_groups_menu_my_groups_profile  for the SUB MENU

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Quote · 22 Apr 2020

Oh. Easily fixed.

First create a new language key.  _bx_ads_profile as shown.

Then edit the Profile Ads entry under the RED Profile menu item in the menu builder to use the new key.

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Quote · 22 Apr 2020

Many thanks. That did the trick.

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