Modzzz where are you  I have been trying to get my custom work completed  for over 5 months now ?? why will you not reply to all my emails, I paid up front in good faith and now you do not answer at all. It has been over 5 weeks since last communication when you told me you would look into issues and since then nothing.

I have over 14 inactive advertise blocks in my builder that shouldn't be there, html still doesn't work, group ads not different in different groups etc. So the custom work is not completed and builders not cleaned up with all none working blocks.


Modzzz I have always been an advocate of all your work and bought a lot of your Extensions but enough is enough i have been very patient and understand that you can be busy but this is just ridiculous to put it mildly.

if this is the way devs are going to treat customers i want no part of this anymore as we do not have any recourse since everything boonex doesn't care about Dolphin anymore and has moved to UNA.


You received payment for this work on 10/5/18 it is now 11/30/18 it is now over 6 months to do this work


Do you honestly think this is acceptable ?? and zero contact maybe to say sorry i just been swamped or had emergency something ? no nothing at all just completely ignored me all my emails and i also put a post in here asking if you were still around you didn't even answer that.


Modzzz  Let me know how you intend to resolve this and when.

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Please resend your information to dolphinmods @ . I cannot access our chat history on this site presently.

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Quote · 4 Dec 2018

Wow!! thats it??

Exactly what information do you think i am going to resend??

do you want all the emails i sent you ?

do you want to know what you were doing ?

I can post all this here if you want


You need to let me know what the issue was/is and how you intend to resolve this firstly then tell me what information you want me to resend exactly!


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Boonex has fixed the problem with the mailbox. I have sent you a response.

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Quote · 5 Dec 2018

You are not alone (well you know what I mean) I am still waiting on a relpy to a support issue for a week now. Starting to think of removing Modzzz products from my site if there's no response.

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Quote · 5 Dec 2018

This whole Boonex shenanigans regarding Dolphin has put a spanner in the works for a lot of us.  Modzzz is a big contributor to the Dolphin community; just the other day he stepped in and told someone how to setup a debug for a problem they had.

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Quote · 6 Dec 2018

I somehow think we'll be hearing a bit more of Modzzz in the near future. I know nothing about the guy other than he lives in the Bahamas. I assume he's made a bit of money from selling his modules over the years, but I'm also sure that he's spent many thousands of hours, mostly between studies, developing them.

He recently told me that sales have come to a virtual standstill which is not unexpected due to Boonex's current unexplainable attitude. Even with his current 50% sale, it will be difficult for people to spend any kind of money fearing that Dolphin has been all but buried by the people who developed it.

The best thing everyone here can do is to assume that Dolphin will survive in some form or another and we won't be forced to eventually move to UNA the way Boonex hopes. There are heaps of options still open to the hardened Dolphin user base, but we also need to support the people who support Dolphin. There are very few major players hanging in and it seems that Modzzz may have given serious thought to looking elsewhere.

He hasn't developed a new module for a very long time and many modules desperate for improvement haven't been updated as well.

In another thread we suggested crowd-funding a PHP7 version of Dolphin. The same can be done to get delvelopers like Modzzz to create new modules.

In fact, I wrote to Modzzz last year and asked if he could develop a crown-funding module for this purpose. I planned to put it on a Dolphin driven site called DUG (Dolphin User Group) where members could vote for and pledge to purchase new modules based on the needs of the members themselves. 

I've been reluctant to open the site because I didn't believe it would attract too many members, but if I were to do so, I'm now thinking it could be yet another wake-up call to Boonex and attract people who won't visit this sleepy-hollow forum.

With luck, maybe we can get Modzzz, Deano and others  to see some light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

If you read this Modzzz, l'd still love to see that crowd-funding module. As I said in my email to you, it should ask for pledges, not collect money.

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