New Java Script in Header


I need to insert a JS in the head section but it cause a clash with other JS function in Dolphin. Is there a way I can still run my JS to get my JS Blocks to work on my Home Page..

JS I need to enter is...


<script type='text/javascript' src='//'></script>

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Hello Rusty!


Please specify about this part: "but it cause a clash with other JS function in Dolphin"? Because it may cause the troubles with another way to insert too.

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Hi Leonid,


Yes the JS is for my Radio Station Widgets that I've loaded to the Home Page See with the assistance of Anton, Tx Anton :-)  It does seize a lot of functions like the login for example... I guess it is not an easy thing to resolve but I'll try my best to solve it.. 



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So if you insert it to your Header section, what error do you have?

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Things like the Login top right seize to work for example. I guess there are much more that will fail but I need to overcome this first obstacle first..

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From what i can see, that script your using pulls another script from their site which appears to include a copy of jquery and various jquery scripts. Dolphin already has and uses jquery. That script is loading another copy of jquery which is the cause of all your issues.

You will need to contact them to see if they have a version of the script for sites that already have jquery, or you could try it in a page block with a iframe which may not provide the proper affect.

In any case, it appears that script is not compatible with sites that already include and use the jquery library.
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Thanks Dean...

God Bless


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