Page of an event comes up as error

Hi everyone!


My Events page seems to be working in general, but for some reason, when I click on the event itself, I get an error: 

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.



Here is the page it tries to go to to "view" the event:


What am I missing? I can see there is a page for viewing events in the backend, and everything looks normal. Not seeing an error...

Quote · 5 Oct 2018

If i had to guess it's trying to load a 3rd party site like facebook or other... 

If you like i can take a look at the site.  Just send me a PM with info. - Skype: Dolphin Techs
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Hello SocialKicks!


This error means that a code which "builds" this page met some troubles and can't finish the work properly. The reasons of it can be found in the error_log of your server. You may PM me with the latest info from there.



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Thanks everyone! It was in an error log within the modules folder (I didn't know it was in there, now I do!) I was able to fix it. Thanks!

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It would be interesting to know what was the reason of your problem :-)

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