Paypal transactions in same Currency for same coun

I have kept usd as currency on site.

I reside in India and like to receive payments in Indians currency INR from Indian citizens. Also, paypal is asking to take in same currency i.e. INR (if seller and buyer are indians)

However site membership costs in USD

So is there any way to change currency without disturbing payment process.

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 How to change usd to inr for only our country people and remain usd for rest of the world.

If not possible, how to change currency from usd to inr for entire site?



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Its a basic thing to collect payments from same country people in same currency. 

Is there anyway

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Is there anyway to pass INR indian rupees to paypal gateway

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This solution has worked in the previous versions of Dolphin.

I guess it will also work in the new versions, too.


1) Run this query in phpMyAdmin (XXX stands for the three-letter currency code of your preferred currency)
UPDATE `sys_options` SET `AvailableValues`='AUD,CAD,EUR,GBP,USD,YEN,XXX' WHERE `Name`='pmt_default_currency_code';

2) Clear database cache in Admin Panel -> Tools -> Cache -> Clear Cache: DB

3) Go to Admin Panel -> Modules -> Payment -> in the Payment Settings block change the currency code to the one you have just inserted, change the currency sign's HTML code to the code of your currency (you can find some codes here

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Thank you very much.

The currency changed along with symbol.

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