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AndrewP "Pinter photos" support thread is here

Quote · 19 Jan 2013

On the demo site, the images that load in when you scroll does not popup when clicked. the link element is missing the "cboxElement" class, i think


Great Extension.

Quote · 19 Jan 2013

Thank you for your remark, I've already fixed it :-)

Quote · 20 Jan 2013

Hi Andrew,

  • If you are in your "Profile" and you decide to choose "Pinter photos", you can see: "METHOD(ACTIONACCEPT) WAS NOT FOUND IN MODULE(PINTER)"
  • If you are in "Pinterest photos" and click "Add+" > "Create Board" and once again "Create Board" -> the script is suspended
  • If you are in "Pinterest photos" and click "Add+" > "Create Board" and "Upload a Pin" -> my new URL is missing
Quote · 8 Jul 2013

Hi Rafal,

Thank you for your remarks, all of them have been corrected.

Quote · 8 Jul 2013

Hi Andrew ;)

I use only your 'Pinter'. It would be comfortable for me not to install 'Photos' by Boonex.
I also use Blogs by Modzzz and that is why I need option for import photos. His plugin cannot detect your 'pinter photos'.
As a metter of fact I think this could be the same direction as for regular boonex photos, but is is missing in pinter...

Can you help me?

Quote · 2 Feb 2014

Hi Rafal,

My module is not a modification of the boonex photos module. This is completely new module that uses its own new namespace (this is not m/photos/). If you want to synchronize the mentioned 'blogs' module with my pinter module, you need to refer to the pinter module (instead of boonex photos module) in the sources of this blogs module.

Quote · 4 Feb 2014

Yes, thank you.

But as I can see, there are more things to refer to pinter module: f.ex. bavarar asks about folder to copy also.
The most I care is detect pinter as Boonex Photos for few things: it could be one separate folder (batch). Haw can I do that?
I think this problem is regular for all who has installed Pinter and do not want install boonex photos, but if you want - it could be custom work. 

Quote · 4 Feb 2014

Hello Rafal,

The Pinter module is independent module, it doesn't require you to keep the standard boonex photos module (this is up to you if you want to use it in parallel with my module). All uploaded images are stored in the separated folder (as you asked for).

And .. I didn't get you about 'bavarar'. What did you mean?

Quote · 22 Feb 2014

I mean that one:


or if I want to upload photos to blogs - I can't, because boonex' blogs don't have reference to photos.

That is conclusion: if I want to change boonex photos into Pinter photos - this is imposibile! I have to install both of them.
Why? If I use only pinter - I  waste many functions stored photos for other plugins: blogs, your avatars, bonex' avatars, events - every, which requires photos.

Quote · 22 Feb 2014

I understand you. They are features of boonex photo module. It is already involved in most of standard modules. If you want to use another module to handle with images, you will need to 'teach' other modules to use that another module to handle with images instead of boonex photos module.

It is always so when we bring anything new into our lives. Suppose you bought a new TV (big plasma). However, you may not have a place to install it, because your old TV was much smaller. And, do you speak about impossibility of installation of a new TV? I guess that no, you will always find how to free up more space (i.e. you change the current situation to put the TV on the old place). Right?

Conclusion: If you want to substitute something, you always should be ready for an extra work (to adjust it).

PS: I don't mind to modify the 'avatar builder' module to work with the 'Pinter' module. It is not a problem.

Quote · 26 Feb 2014
  1. Is that possibile to have those actions in sys_page_actions? This could be more compatibile with dolphin.

    Add, My

    2. Iis that possibite to have any way f.ex. Litebox to moove photos with arrows (or without)?

Quote · 16 Mar 2014

Hi Rafal,

1. This was implemented in the latest version of the module

2. The module was originally planned as an alternative of the pinterest website. There is no such functionality, so it was not implemented.

Quote · 18 Mar 2014

As about buttons: I am a fool. This is your demo site: 

I can not see any "Add photo" and "My photos" in ' sys_page_actions' area...

I have updated my own pinter protos... I can't see it... even after cash cleaned...

May I have been awared?

Quote · 18 Mar 2014

Because I didn't update the live demo. Can you please tell me how you updated your version? Full reinstall or you imported new SQL entries?

Quote · 19 Mar 2014

Oh, indeed... I have overwritten files...without sql.... gosh...

Quote · 19 Mar 2014

When I uninstall it from Admin Panel and install again it returns sql error Undecided

Quote · 19 Mar 2014

I have got sth like:
SET @iMemberMenuParent = ( SELECT `ID` 
FROM `sys_menu_member` 
WHERE `Name` = 'AddContent' ) ; 

Quote · 19 Mar 2014

Hello everybody. The online demo is finally available again, it is here:

2Accept, the query you mentioned:

SET @iMemberMenuParent = (SELECT `ID` FROM `sys_menu_member` WHERE `Name` = 'AddContent');

is correct. It searches for a record in `sys_menu_member` table with name = 'AddContent'

after, the installation SQL will add a record to this table (this is for the Green plus that is in the bottom menu bar)

Quote · 20 Aug 2014

Hello, I have a question: jQuery Masonry plugin has a possibility to change photos like: next, previous - opening in the same window. Do you have sth like that?

Quote · 1 Jan 2015

Hello, can you show me this demo? I checked most demos (, however didn't find anything similar.

Quote · 16 Feb 2015
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