Return to Dolphin not going so smooth....

On my return to Dolphin after several years away, I wanted to see if it would suite purpose for a video based site (music not adult!), so installed both UNA (first time) and last release of Dolphin to test as I have about 100 paid for mods for that already just sat there.


UNA is just not grabbing me at all after a quick test drive... the admin area in general is a bit all over the place for me, page builder feels like a step backwards. Plus it is missing some of the key modules that I would expect are essential for a community based site and should be part of the free package (video especially). So, thats out the window.


Dolphin... well, I needed the video section to do a bit more than the basic D videos module, so looked at whats on the market section, luckily I had purchased a few video modules before for different projects, all in the past now... 


Problem is... none of them will even instal on 7.4!!!

They all seem to have been dropped by developers at the time Dolphin updated to 7.4...

This was quite a while ago now so suggests to me that they've been abandoned.


Kinda kills my using Dolphin for what I was hoping it might do :(


unless anyone out there managed to get AndrewP's 'Cinema' module to install and run on 7.4, 


webmediaservice's - Youtube Video Zone Extreme - module...


was hoping I might find the solution to my site building project here, but hope seems to be fading at the moment!

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I've sent you a PM.

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Some modules only need tweaking to operate under 7.4.2; this is due to the change to pdo sql statements.  Do you know php code?  I could take a look at the modules; send me a PM.

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If I recall well, Youtube Video Zone Extreme by webmediaservices is partially encoded and therefore there will be problems updating it. Most other vendor modules can be updated without major code modifications.

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