Service Menu / entries done in the DEFAULT field

Service Menu / entries done in the DEFAULT field change the language file.


When you write something in the default field that entry is saved into the key you have entered in the LANGUAGE KEY field.

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Quote · 29 Apr 2020

topic bump.


Has anyone tested this also? Service menu behaves different then any other menu. It overrides the language key

Quote · 29 Jun 2020

Hello mrtn!


Did you check it with default items? No for new modules?

Quote · 29 Jun 2020

Just did the test. It happens also for the default items.


For example ACCOUNT item has the key: _sys_sm_account 


When you then make a change to the default name entry, it changes the content of the english key.


Please see attached 2 images

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Quote · 30 Jun 2020

A workaround for this issue is to create a second key for the items of the service menu


for example : _sys_sm_account_service  

Quote · 30 Jun 2020

I have not verified it yet, but it looks like the Menu Editors for Service Menu, Member Menu and Bottom Menu all do that. The Navigation Menu and Admin Menu do not do it.

Based on how it is coded, it would appear that was intentional. It was apparently by design. At one point in time, the builders for the Service Menu, Member Menu and Bottom Menu did not exist. My guess is they never updated the original two builders to function the same as the more recent builders.
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