Show City and Country under avatar in Members page

How to show City and Country under Nickname/Avatar on Members page. Also, should be able to show age

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Yes Please!

This is yet another oversight by the designers of Dolphin. Adding this information during programming would have been a few additional minutes work, but a world of difference to the end user.

The current results show the member's name and the status message if used. As most people don't update their status message or often make a meaningless statement, the search results are nothing more that a screen full of thumbnails and member's names that may mean nothing. Please see my before and after shots. My site is localised, but Country will also help on international sites.

Can someone please help with this? I believe it's something almost every Dolphin user would want.


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Quote · 6 Jun 2018

Have you tried the [admin panel -> settings -> advanced settings -> profiles -> member brief info] setting? It offers the "Location" option which seems to be what you're looking for. 

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That is great, never looked there apologies. However, how can we have Locations and Age/Sex both?

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Wow! Wonders never cease. Who ever thought of looking in the Profiles section to make changes to a search result? Not me! I wonder how many more Easter eggs there are to be discovered?

I managedd to change it okay but I wouldn't say my my hack is "pretty. However it works. If what I've done suits you @stevephil2016, let me know and I'll post the code. Hopefully some kind person can refine it for me, or should I say "Dolphinise" it.

Sample attached.


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Thats great for me, or could just be [36/Man] or [36/male]. But what you have fix my issue.


Do you have the coding?

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I'd love to change my results pages to display the country code instead of the full country name.  They take up  too much room and look messy in full.


Any ideas how



Steve E
Quote · 7 Jun 2018

Here's what I did to get this to work. I'm not familiar with the PHP Empty command so it may not be the final solution.

The PDF Shows you what to do and the Txt file contains the code. This is a Dolphin core change and it could be lost with your next upgrade.

As I don't use the Couples feature, I haven't been able to test it but it should work okay.

Please try it on a test site.

@Serskine, I don't have time to look at your request. It may involve much more work than just replacing some code. 

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Maybe I am blind, but I dont see the PDF file, only the code.txt

Quote · 13 Jun 2018

You're not blind. I did post both, but somewhere along the line the PDF went missing. Here's the files again.

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