Thanksgiving Sale - 50% Discount

I am now offering 50% discount on all modules. PM me with details of the modules you are interested in. My Portfolio of approximately 300 modules can be viewed at

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Quote · 21 Nov 2017

Yeah, i bought so much modules by you.Now i feel ripped, even with -50% lol ( The most exclusive business club)
Quote · 22 Nov 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to those in celebration. This sale is still in full swing. PM me with details of the modules needed. 

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Quote · 23 Nov 2017

The sale is still on.

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Quote · 25 Nov 2017

One more day to go :)

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Quote · 26 Nov 2017

Just a few hours before the offer is closed.

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Quote · 27 Nov 2017

The sale has ended. Thanks to all who participated.

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Quote · 28 Nov 2017
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