Vale Geek_Girl

It was announced on another forum earlier today that our friend and companion Geek_Girl passed away yesterday. This comes as quite a shock because she was active on thr other forum until a day or so ago and she made no comment about any health issues.

Geek_Girl was an active member on this forum and many of us can thank her for helping us out when things got really tough. She was outspoken and gave the Boonex moderators a hard time more than once, but she loved Dolphin and supported it and many third party vendors for a dozen years. With over 11,000 posts on this forum, she would have been one of the most constant contributors and one of the few who constantly came up with solutions for beginners and nerds alike.

Please give her your thoughts and thanks as you ponder over the other issues we face in the coming weeks.



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I’m so shocked and sad to read this news. My thoughts a prayers are with her family and friends. 

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I'm shocked too. Do you know, what has happened? We had some disagreements here but it was an inevitable work moment. Very sad, R.I.P. Geek Girl...

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She passed away at home. She was working up to the point of her death it seems as I was actively communicating with her regarding a project just a few hours before her passing. She was passionate about Dolphin and was misunderstood by many but she certainly dedicated a significant amount of time in helping others. 

Paypal email is -
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Exactly 1 week ago (last sunday), we talked (on the phone for 2hrs & 34mins, and would've talked longer but she was going over to her sister house).  We talked about lots of things, and in that talk, I said something like "you're a great friend and blah blah" and she said "well NO, you're Family junior, and always has been!"  Well, I Love You Too GG (GreekGoddess) & Thanks for everything!  Then she said "well, im at my sisters house, i'll contact you soon again.  Then she text me on the 20th (she just upgraded her server)


Today I was going to call her later tonight around 9ish.  Then a few minutes ago, I get a call from her sister husband (brother in-law) informing me of the very sad & upsetting news that our GG is no longer with us.  I asked "what do you mean? he said "she has passed", "when", he said "this past thursday".  I said "that cant be because I just spoke to her on tuesday"  he said 'well, im sorry to tell you, but she is just NOT here with us no more"


I asked "do you know how?"  he said "well, apparently she had bloodclot in her leg, and it stopped her heart, but we're still looking into it.  Im just at a loss of words because during that entire conversation, and all the other previous ones before it, she has NEVER mentioned any health issues to me whatsoever.  There was no indications in her voice that something was troubling her or was wrong at all. 

This is just f#cking depressing. 



GG is a truly great, wonderful, very kind person under her aggressive, spicy & fiesty/firery outter shell.  As Modzzz stated, she is just really misunderstood but her heart was in the right place & very good.



You are & always has been a blessing to myself, and a lot of ppl here & anywhere else your presence is at.




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GG you will never be forgotten dear! I spoke with her every day. The day of her passing we were on the phone and she started breathing heavy, she told me she would call me back. I waited and then my phone rang, i answered and heard nothing. She loved her clients and dolphin. I'm still in shock. Spoke with her sis today and very sad. I called NC police that day and her sis found her, very.....very sad!!

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Oh that was sad news, just came back here in forum area sad to hear she passed away.. one of the most active member here in boonex.

Rest in peace Geek_Girl

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what for a shock to read this Cry


she helped me to run a server with her, does anybody knows, she had a company or was a single person? paid every month to creative solutions, when she was a single person, i believe, my serve will shut down soon. the email on paypal works no longer

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I suggest you email "Creative Solutions" for an answer. 

I have no idea what they can achieve, but we did hear that the immediate family are doing everything possible to sort things out.

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thanks for reply @johnk42


the problem is, that the email address no longer works


contacted the hosting server, answer was:


In order to change the contract details as requested, it is necessary to send us the attached form. This must be signed on the page of the previous account holder:
- in case of death of a private person by the heirs or
- in case of death of a company owner by the current authorized signatories of the company

We also require relevant documentation of the inheritance as well as death certificate and, in the case of a company, certificates of signing authority.

The fastest way to reach us is to send us your documents as an e-mail attachment in reply to this e-mail (scanned document, as .pdf or .jpg file).

Information on the calculation:
Please note that credit notes or refunds for fees charged in advance are excluded for contract transfers within a current billing interval.

Information on domains:
Please note that the deposited domain owner, admin-C, Tech-C and Zone-C data will not be updated automatically when the contract is transferred. You can make these changes independently and free of charge via PowerPanel under "Domains- Handles".


Please note that the contract can unfortunately not be transferred to you by any other method.

I can understand the hosting provider, but also will not ask the family in this situation for help and for a death certificate, also i have no idea, how to contact them... can anybody contact the family from geek girl, to let them know, what my problem is?

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You could  try contacting this mob: Virtualmin Virtual Servers. There's a guy on another site who I thought wanted to help, but when I suggested someone contact him, I got ticked off for suggesting they PM him. In the post where he chastised me, he also mentioned the above contact information, It may may prove to be equally useless, but good luck.

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OMG...... I have been so consumed by trying to work on my project that I hadn't been on the forums in a few weeks. So when I saw the news, I am gobsmacked. I cannot fathom this as she was a fantastic person and loved by many. I just don't know what to say, but to see the news is terribly upsetting. Ill say a prayer for her family, and hope that God enjoys being given a hard time with whatever she is passionate about up there in heaven. 

R.I.P Geek Girl

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This is very sad.

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GG was one of the most impactful members of this community - she supported us and she kept us on our toes, she helped so many community builders here and I know she's been active in other communities too.

RIP GG, and thank you!

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Rest in peace Geek_Girl

Thanks for all your help. Cry


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oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this, she was so awesome for my site and hosting my communities, I had no idea. 

I'm actually still paying her company to continue the hosting, so I will have to email them, I have no idea what is going on there. 

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I assume your site(s) are still running. If so, I also assume that the executors of her estate have arranged for the server facilities to remain operational.


There may be a problem when you want personal service. That could come from a different person and a different source.


Did she have a site forum? Most hosts do.

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I assume your site(s) are still running. If so, I also assume that the executors of her estate have arranged for the server facilities to remain operational.


There may be a problem when you want personal service. That could come from a different person and a different source.


Did she have a site forum? Most hosts do.

Unsure if she had a site forum, it was a pretty informal process because I was in a rush to find a host after my previous one also passed away Cry I'm having the worst experience with web hosts apparently.. 

The only way I kept in communication with her was via email. 

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From what I can gather, she was one-on-one via phone and email. If the site is still running, I guess all is well. If you need help, not so. I find hosting far too expensive, so I use Digital-ocean for about $10 a month, but I have to do everything myself. That does mean everything!

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My gosh. I jjust discovered this. She was awesome to my non programming brain. Helped me loads of times over the many years oif using dolphin. You will be missed dear one. 
Thanks Leonid for letting me know.

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