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has anyone set a site up with age restricted areas?

Im looking at a network site - not xxx content in any way... just wanting to have an option for some content to be viewable to profiles over a certain age if possible.

Ideally, when an event is created for example, the owner can set it to viewable by 18+, same way they can set it to be viewed by a membership level.

I guess admin could create a membership level for 18+ to get round this, but then it would be difficult to add 18+ members so this automated when they sign up... may have to be done manually?


Any ideas?

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This has been discussed before but I am uncertain if any concrete answers were given or developed.

Deano has a default membership level mod; that assigns membership levels based on how a person joins.  Contact Deano, he might be able to do a custom modification for you that would assign membership levels based on age; remember I said might.

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I believe that the easiest way to do this is to replace some of build-in privacy groups with "18+".

Here are the instructions on how to replace "Contacts" with "18+" privacy group:

1) Run the following query to replace existing "Contacts" privacy group with "18+" privacy group.

UPDATE  `sys_privacy_groups` SET  `title` =  '18+', `home_url` =  '', `get_content` =  '$aProfile = getProfileInfo($iId); return !empty($aProfile) && age($aProfile[''DateOfBirth'']) >= 18;' WHERE  `id` = 7 LIMIT 1;


2) Go to admin panel > settings > language settings > search for '_ps_group_7_title' language key and change translation from "Contacts" to "18+"

3) Go to settings > advanced settings > privacy groups > enable "Enable 'Contacts' Group" checkbox and save the form.

After above things are done your users will be able to publish content under "18+" privacy group and only members who are at least 18 years old will see the content.

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Quote · 6 Jul 2014

Note that AlexT's solution requires your members to actively mark content as 18+.  You will have to moderate to make sure that someone does not post 18+ content without marking it as 18+ content thus making it viewable by those that are not 18+.

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great stuff thanks :-)

Works fine with members having to mark content as 18+, that was the aim. Just having the option there to separate content makes a difference. 


now... if there was a way for people to be in the 18+ membership automatically if their dob was of age!...

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See This will allow you to automatically assign a membership level to 18+ members, plus there are several other criteria that you can setup.

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I've been asking and looking for a mod like this forever. I have posted jobs and purchased 3 mods but no one can seem to get the mods to work as expected. (A simple click of a button to see rated R content.)

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Join this thread and hopefully convince a few mod developers that it's something more than two people want

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You can check out the Adult Content Filter module.

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