any one used this Mod Multi-Module Creator Plus

Multi-Module Creator Plus

I curious to get some ideas on how it worked for you and did you find it easy ?

Quote · 16 Jul 2014

If all it does is create modules based off the groups module, it is a waste of money.

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Quote · 16 Jul 2014


If all it does is create modules based off the groups module, it is a waste of money.

Yes and no, it depends on one's level of coding skill.  According to the features list below, it also comes with a form builder to edit and add fields.  So if one has no idea on how to change the forms; adding or removing fields, then it might prove useful to them.  It also states that it can add blocks so that will prove useful to someone without programming skill in how blocks are added to a Dolphin page view.


- Unlimited module creations.
- Automatically checks for any other module conflicts, the same classes, directory, etc.
- Dynamic form using form fields builder. Use drag and drop to define form on create, edit and view.
- Can create multiple blocks with different fields.
- No core files edited.
- Using JQuery to create new modules.

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Quote · 16 Jul 2014

I have this, bought out of curiosity as was 'cloning' lots of modules myself...

this clones the standard group module, but also adds 'editable field views' a bit like you get in profile fields.

Gives an extra layer of quick editing without having to go into code to manually edit/create fields for a page block.


Can be well used, although a couple of minor glitches Im trying to get dev to fix such as categories not working for newly made modules.


If you're looking for a quick way to clone basic groups, and need additional easy way to create new page block fields etc... then this is useful. Allows you to create multiple modules based on same setup easily.

Quote · 21 Apr 2015

its not actually a 'clone' of the groups module, as some of the features of groups are not included in modules you create with this.

The form builder is an interesting feature, would be good if something like this was available to use in some other dolphin modules... or even just on 'new' custom pages.

Some of the integrations don't seem to work, or are a little unfinished - such as categories. While the module allows you to create categories (using standard dolphin functions) it doesnt seem to allocate categories to 'view pages' that you create...

I added a field with drop down selector sys_categories which allows me to select a category when adding a new 'page', but it doesn't actually assign that category. It just shows the selector... still trying to figure it out at the mo!

Not sure if scriptologist is still active these days?

Quote · 21 Apr 2015

I see there is no support forum for this module... or the other two form-builder variations he sells for the same price of $75.  I've learned the hard way to be very cautious of buying from developers that don't provide a support forum at for their commercial (non-free) modules.
Quote · 21 Apr 2015

currently waiting on dev to fix the categories integration then will report back.

With this fixed, its actually quite a unique mod, allowing 'fields' to be added via d admin to the modules view page setup with custom page blocks.

Quite an effort to do that via database and files, although always possible.

Quote · 27 Apr 2015

heard back from scriptologist re the issue of categories not working in multi module creator, 1st reply did not provide an answer.

Have messaged back again, hopefully this will be fixed.

As is currently, the module does not provide any way to select a category for any module pages you create, although it does create multiple categories for 'new modules'... kinda half finished at the moment.

If this can be fixed, it will be a useful module. As is, it is not useable, unless you do not want any categories for your new modules...

Quote · 29 Apr 2015

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@SkyForum ... I did the search and found a scathing review of an earlier version of the Multi-Page Creator module.  Among other comments, it clearly requested that Mark create a Support Forum for those who have purchased it, or are interested in buying it, to openly share related issues and announce solutions.  Mark has yet to do that.  I think most of us would agree that every commercial module should have a support forum, yet I can see that several of Mark's expensive modules don't.  Why not?  I can think of a few reasons... none of them are good.

Fortunately for us module buyers, the vast majority of Dolphin developers create a support forum for their commercial products.  And from what I can see, *all* the top developers have support forums for *all* their current commercial modules.  They have my sincere 'thank you' and my future business.
Quote · 30 Apr 2015

sadly had to file my first dispute over this module today.

Over a month of messages back and forth and still no sign that anyone is looking at fixing this module.

It simply does not work with dolphin categories, either needs to be fixed (finished) or removed from market.

Certainly is not as advertised.

Quote · 27 May 2015

I'd like to follow this dispute since the developer you filed against is on my "Never Buy From Again" list (actually he's the only one on the list).  Is there a private forum for disputes now?  There was a time when disputes could be followed.
Quote · 27 May 2015

Im about to start a separate thread on this, as my experience with Scriptologist over this module is turning into a rediculous fiasco.


never have I had such terrible customer experience, constant promises to 'fix' the module, then nothing happen,

even promise of refund (while saying custome support and satisfaction is priority to them) then absolutely nothign happening.


Terrible experience so far, never had an issue like this before here on boonex.

realy leaving a bad taste in my mouth...

will link the new thread for ref when I get round to it, depending on if I ever get my money back after purchasing a module that simply DOES NOT WORK - yet is still advertised as working with latest version and left that way.

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