articles module - how many lines or letters max?

I prepared a structure for a longer article. With placeholders for images, texts, links and so on


When i want to save / update i get the error message in the CONTENT field "incorrect length"


How long can articles be? And where can i enlarge this limitation?


Quote · 4 Jun 2018

Does anyone have an idea?

Quote · 7 Jun 2018

A similar question was asked a week or so ago. You have to assess what you're trying to do because the module may not be able to cope:

Quote · 8 Jun 2018

Thanks for the link. 

But my question is for the articles module. More specific the tinymce editor where you actually write the article. To how many characters is this editor field or respective an article limited to?

Quote · 11 Jun 2018

I just looked at the Articles Installation script and the content is stored in a mediumtext field which can hold 16 megabytes.

I can't find anywhere that discusses Tinymce file limitations, but I'd be surprised if it can handle files that large.

Have you checked your PHP.INI file's upload limitations. It's usually set for 2mb but you can increase it if you wish. I set mine quite low to stop idiots uploading massive photos, but you may need to set it to 20mb or even more





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