calendar extension isn't installed. -install error

Im so SICK of boonex dolphin not able to even INSTALL properly!! Why in the HELL would I abandon the $1000's of dollars I've already invested in Dolphin, and go to their NEW software, UNA, when they cant even get the "Final" dolphin version to install properly?! Will NEVER happen!


Can ANYONE explain this STUPIDLY vague installation error, please??


calendar extension isn't installed. Warning! Dolphin can't work properly without it.

Please go to the
Dolphin Troubleshooter
and solve the problem.

Dolphin 7.4.2
PHP 5.6, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4...

And, of course, the Dolphin Troubleshooter is about as helpful as a plastic hammer...

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Any error during install that has the wording "extension isn't installed" means that the PHP extension, in this case the calendar extension is not installed, but is required by dolphin.

The error should actually refer to the hosting requirements page in this condition.


However i just read that page and noticed that the calendar extension is not listed on that page. So i will provide here a list of all of the PHP extensions that the current version of dolphin requires be installed for it to work. Also note that these are common extensions that most hosting companies have installed by default and it is simply bad luck you happen to be hosting with a company that is not within the norms of other hosting companies.

Anyhow, here is the list of required extensions.


These are PHP extensions that add certain functions to PHP. Contact your host to get that extension installed. Or if you run your own server, search google for instructions on how to install that extension for your servers specific operating system and version of PHP.
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Thank you, Deano, for your time and good explanation. It gives me a starting place. :)

Happy Holidays!

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