fileinfo isn't installed

I have a VPS server and I can't get Dolphin 7.2 installed.  

fileinfo extension isn't installed. Warning! Dolphin can't work properly without it. 

I have access to WHM and cPanel, I have looked around for EasyApache but I don't see it.  How can I get this installed??


Quote · 28 Nov 2015

You may not have access to EasyApache.

Are you allowed SSH access to your server? If so you can install the module there.

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Quote · 28 Nov 2015

What do I need to add? I'm not sure what lines of code I need to put in the file


Quote · 28 Nov 2015

It's not a file you modify. It's a php extension installed on the server.

If you can't do it from cpanel, and you have root ssh access then run this command while logged in via ssh as root.

yum install php-fileinfo

If it's not a redhat based system then you will need to google how to install it for your server OS.

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It's easy to install if you have access to root. If not then you can call your host to do it.

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