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When a user clicks a profile link for example 


It gives this error: Something went wrong! Please try reloading the page.

The profile is already active and confirmed. So, why wouldn't the profile load?

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Hello jqc21!


May you please specify - do you have this trouble only with 1 profile or with every on your site?

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I'm also a bit confused about what you're trying to do here. You access user profiles by clicking People in the main menu and selecting a profile by clicking the image or the name.

If that's what you're doing, you shouldn't get that error or a database error unless the site isn't configured properly, database is damaged or you've changed some code somewhere.

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Go into the file; /inc/  Find the following entry:


$site['fullError']         = false;


Change the false to true and save the file.


$site['fullError']         = true;


This will give you the full reason for the error; it can be trigger by a database error or a php error.

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Quote · 16 Sep 2020

I changed the info to true in /inc/ When clicking the profile from the account area here is the error I get now: 

An uncaught exception was thrown


Type ArgumentCountError
Message Too few arguments to function BxTemplProfileGenerator::__construct(), 1 passed in /home/user/public_html/inc/ on line 636 and at least 2 expected
File /home/user/public_html/templates/tmpl_facebook/scripts/BxTemplProfileGenerator.php
Line 10


#0 /home/user/public_html/inc/ BxTemplProfileGenerator->__construct(3)
#1 /home/user/public_html/profile.php(36): bx_check_profile_visibility(3, 3)
#2 {main}

Quote · 16 Sep 2020

Appears the error is being triggered by a script in your custom template tmpl_facebook

You will need to report this to the author of the template your using.

To verify it's a template issue, switch to the default evo template and see if the problem continues.
Quote · 16 Sep 2020

I switched to the default evo template and it worked. The profile loaded. I guess it's something with the other template.

Quote · 16 Sep 2020

@jqc21, please, please always tell us if you're using a third party template. Most third-party templates and a vast number of modules haven't been upgraded to Dolphin 7.4.2 and that's the cause of a lot of problems including this one. Anything to do with FB is likely to cause issues.

Quote · 17 Sep 2020

ok, this template is just a facebook type of style. It's doesn't connect to facebook.

Quote · 17 Sep 2020

What I meant was that a number of templates weren't upgraded to 7.4.2. FB 'style" templates have caused issues before and you may find yours isn't 7.4.2 compatible.

Quote · 17 Sep 2020

As an update to the post, I went to the default evo template to the BxTemplProfileGenerator.php file and replaced the contents of the file into the third party template file of BxTemplProfileGenerator.php and it worked. The third party file was modified alittle different. Hopefully it won't cause any more errors later on.

Quote · 17 Oct 2020

So is it possible to see what was different?

Quote · 18 Oct 2020

This is what was in the original template before changing.







 * @see BxDolVoting


class BxTemplProfileGenerator extends BxBaseProfileGenerator


    function __construct( $sSystem, $iId, $iInit = 1 )


        parent::__construct( $sSystem, $iId, $iInit );




Quote · 23 Oct 2020

And what has been applied and broke the work?

Quote · 26 Oct 2020

It was changed to the contents of the BxTemplProfileGenerator.php file in the evo template. The profiles wasn't loading with the other one.

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