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Added: 17.09.10

Updated: 11.01.11

Category: Graphics

Tags: share, bookmark, extensions, services, integrations, hyperlink, seo



Technical Checklist...


NB: This is a commercial product and cannot be modified for other than personal usage. This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission.

What is it?

“Boonex-Share-Care” is an excellent and easy to self-manage module that helps to share your community content over more than 88 of internet’s top websites, with a single click. (More websites can be added on request). The module comes with a pretty cool jquery sliding effect and is of great use to TREMENDOUSLY increase your website rankings and content popularity over the web. Best for those concerned over SEO. This includes a great backend functionality to manage almost everything in an easy and clear-cut way.

What’re the features?

1: The sharing module is embedded on the homepage, with an appealing jquery slide effect.

2: It helps to share the content of your community site over more than 88 of internet’s top websites, with a single click.

3: Increases the link popularity of your website, content rating on web, plus your alexa rank.

4: The heading is automatically grabbed from the current page.

5: completely flexible and allows for more website additions and graphic and layout change.

6: A superior backend to monitor the module, the way you like :-)

7: The whole extensive module comes at around 55 cents per site for lifetime.

8: Free updates and regular addition of more websites and features.

How’s the admin end?

1: A very easy and user friendly interface to manage all the settings even with an amateur experience .

2: Ability to add no follow to the links.

3: Option to open links in new window.

4: Animate-expand multi-lined bookmarks.

5: Auto-space/center the bookmarks.

6: option to load or not to load jquery.

7: option to select the network sharing icons you want to show, rest are hidden.

8: option to change the display image next to the module. More images can be added

What’s the cost?

The module comes at a small cost of $9. Extra charges apply for site additions, modifications and installation.



You can request a demo link, should you need to see it live:


Here is how it looks on the mainsite:


And here are the admin panel screenshots:



Here is how you can change the no. of icons and links shown on the frontend.



and here is how you can change the display picture:


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Great addition for social networks! Thanks Anya. Very friendly support.
In a word.... EXCELLENT !!

But, just one word cannot do the justice that "Sexy Bookmarks" deserves.

This tool trumps the competition, by featuring true excellence in design and function. Visually elegant, an administrators dream. Works with countless other mods on our site. Plus, count them, 88 social bookmarking tools? That's social networking on overdrive...WOW..!

Clearly the best investment any webmaster can make in their precious website. See it looking fantastic on see more our site, at

Thanks Anya, we love it...!
fantastic module, uncomparable service post-installation.!!

I'm more than happy to buy the module. All the 88 social networks help me to reach millions of users with a single click...
Thanks anya
Excellent, well done!
With this mod it is possible for your members to share any part of your site on other social sites. nice.
small installation issues but fixed quite easy. You should move the first block you created around a bit if you had to do the inc\classes\BxDolPageViewAdmin.php fix.

I'm happy I got it and surely my members will be as well :-)

Thanks for the great Value
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Work like a charm! Fast and easy install, great support. Perfect! Thank you for this great mod.
Anya you did a great job!!!!!!!

A rellay good and beautiful Mod!!!
great addition for any website and easier alternative for the users to share .

You did a wonderfull job with this mod.

Not compatible with D7.0.4. The instructions advise you to edit a given file if you have a problem pasting the code in the html block, fair enough. But not compatible with D7.0.4.?

I do not wish to edit core files to make this work at this level.
hi stuart,
if there is any problem, i can do the installation for you.
Its compatible for all versions of boonex till 7.0.4
Great mod. Thank you.
Great module. Really nice contact. I recommend it
Just one suggestion: is to also get the little icons in a "minimize" size (original one are bit big)
I bought this plugin today and I am not able to install it as it says its not compatible with 7.04 version.

Please help.

I can not get to install the software can someone from anyakates do it for me and if i have to pay where do i do that.
Thank you.
hello am facing this problem

Installation of: Sexy Bookmark Failed
-- Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script
This mod is not compatible with boonex 7.0.7 ?
"Check the Dolphin version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script"
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