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Version: 1.2.0

Added: 17.12.10

Updated: 23.04.19

Category: Communication

Tags: extensions, aqb soft, broadcast, message, chat, broadcaster, conversation, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - aqbtest,password - xxxxx

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AQB Soft. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft.

Technical Checklist...

This extension allows to send broadcast messages to all site members at online. This means that broadcasted message would be seen almost instantly by all online member despite of the page they're on.

Basically that is it! That is all this module can do. But let's think about what it can serve as:
  1. It can be used as an advertising system. You're able to disable it's usage for common members, so only you (and/or a limited group of advertisers) would be able to send broadcast messages while all members on your site would be always seeing what you've broadcasted.

  2. It can be used to make site-wide announcements. It always stores last N (configurable parameter) messages in the system and shows them every time someone logs in to the site.

  3. It can be used to promote purchasable membership levels to help you to monetize your site. Ability to post messages, ability to use advanced message post form, ability to view messages and ability to disable the broadcasting system are all controlled via dolphin's membership levels system.

  4. And the last but not least - it can be used to unite members in your community. When member navigates a web site, in many cases he feels himself alone there. But if he would be seeing that someone just logged is broadcasting something like "Hi all!" then he wouldn't feel himself alone there and it is likely that he'll enter the conversation. And the more members are entering the conversation the more funny this becomes.

You can see it in action on our demo site: that upon visiting it you should see last messages left by us or other people who were testing this module (I can't guarantee that these messages would contain any sense or even will be decent, so be careful :)).
UPDATE: Due to many requests a two options were added:
1) Ability to configure it so it shows a message only once in a certain browser (by default it shows a message once per browser session)
2) Ability to completely clean messages queue
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Thanks guys for your innovation and creativity. Indeed this adds blood to BoonEx..

Good doing the good job! and remember, there are people across the world appreciate your hard works
Great mod and thank you for your support! Fantastic tool.
We were glad to help you and thank you for the review. :)
This has got to be one of the BEST and USEFUL MODs available. WOW Works perfectly in 7.0.6......Thanks AntonLV. I have done business with you in the past and will continue to do so. THANK YOU!

i Buy this file is really great
The Indian Question
How can I run a file from YouTube directly, as in the example images

Thank you
It can be done via admin panel -> modules -> Broadcaster
i tried but its not working .. How can I run a file from YouTube directly, as in the example images
Embed video can be posted either from admin panel or from advanced post form, using HTML toolbar button and using old fashioned embed code (the one which starts from <object... and not from <iframe...)
this is a great mod and the service is outstanding thx again for your help
This is a fantastic mod. I really am enjoying it. However, how do you remove previous broadcasts? I have the number of broadcasts set to remember as "1" but it keeps displaying our silly test broadcast. Thank you very much for another excellent product!
Thanks for the review.
Due to many requests a two options were added, one of which is a "Delete All Messages" button in admin panel which does what it says. :)
You can redownload updated package of version 1.1, uninstall an old version and install the new one.
Thank you to Anton have already updated to 7.1, it works and it is a great mod!
You are welcome!!! Thanks for the review. :)
This is a great mod to keep your members up to date on the latest site news great job as always AntonLV!!!!
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