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Version: 2.1.4

Added: 28.06.10

Updated: 24.05.19

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, credits, tokens, payment, money, modzzz, currency, points

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

Credits is a Virtual Currency system that allows you to easily monetize your site. You can use this as the foundation for earning funds from supplemental features offered by your site. The days of earning just by monthly memberships is quickly coming to an end and most major sites now are utilizing other methods of income.

Members can purchase credits in bulk via Dolphin payment system and use them as needed to pay for features/services.

Individual Credit actions can be turned On/Off by Administrator



Admin can choose to charge only a particular Gender and allow Free access to the other. For example, Females can be allowed to upload Videos for Free while males are charged.


Admin can create different package prices to facilitate purchasing of Credits in bulk (eg 100 credits for $5, 500 credits for $15 etc)

Admin can turn off package pricing and allow members to purchase any amount of credits at a time. In this case, admin would set the cost per credit in the Settings


Members can pay for memberships using Credits


Admin can configure viewing access in two modes :

a) Unlimited Access - Once a member pays to view an item, they have access for lifetime
b) Time Limited Access - Admin can setup access to be available for a fixed number of days. After that time expires, the member would have to pay to view the item again.

The options listed below are available :

Charge members for viewing Profiles

Charge members for viewing Photos

Charge members for viewing Files

Charge members for playing Videos

Charge members for playing Sounds


Charge members for sending mails


Charge members for Uploading Videos

Charge members for Uploading Photos

Charge members for Uploading Files

Charge members for Uploading Sounds

Charge members for Posting Events

Charge members for Posting Ads

Charge members for Listing Sites


Allows use of Credits for Accessing Simple Messenger and Messenger


Members can Donate Credits to each other.

Administrator can Allocate Credits to Members.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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I totallu agree with erica4534. One word to describe the mods and MODZZ is "WOW" and simply fantastic. his support and his genorosity is simply beyond speaking. i have isntalled the mod and am still waiting to run it fullfledged so that i find some errors. But i had another error in forums recompiling languages which he has helped me in sorting out and has offered if i am not able to solve it myself to send me the access details so that he will look into it.

I recommed MODZZ see more and now i have purchased 10 of his other mods.

with this mod you can earn even more money on your site. This is a MUST have if you want to increase your proffits! :)
this is a great mod and the support is outstanding would use your serveses any time
Hia All

This is my 11th Mod that I bought from the guyz at MODZZZ. Like the ones before it is a great feature to add to a community website. I am rapidly running out of ideas on how to praise Modzzz.

A very very very very very very very very very very happy customer.

Cheers Guys :)
great product and super fast support!
Wow this mod is great, a must have mod, must of he's mods are a must have.

well what can I say about Modzzz that as not been said already.

Can not get enough of he's great mods. My members have started to use my site more now.

I now have over 20 mods from him now on my site, which all work great and the members love them.

The only thing is that he makes so many great mods it's hard to pick which ones I want first,. :D
I love your work...I love your ideas...

I realized that this person has something especial. Hence, I started to follow their developments.

Thanks for your innovation and creativity. Indeed this adds blood to BoonEx..

Keep doing the good job! and remember, there are people across the world appreciate your hard start with me!

Was wondering if other modules can be implemented to this Credits module. Such as if i were to have bought another mod and I want to use credits to charge to use that mod will credits work?

I have nothing to say about this module yet until further inspection.
Works great and integrates w/ other mods well. Modzzz is always helpful and professional, esp when there are issues or questions. Thank you again!
This module is very well designed and it is one of the best module in the market now.
Support 5 starts.

I recommend.
Hi guys. This mod works 100% great and in combination with modzzz credits sensational. Jerome, many thanks for support. This is a SUPER support.
Greats from Brazil an
I have been order this module, Where I can download it and how i can install for the latest version of Dolphin
PS: I don't have any email to confirm.

it is not clear how you give people credits for actions, how do I do that?
Members do not earn credits for actions, that functionality is a part of the Points mod. Credits module is strictly a money making feature for site owners. Members purchase Credits and then utilize them to access site features.
This developer's modules form the core of my site!
He has been more than helpful on any of the occasions I've contacted him for assistance!
I look forward to obtaining more mods from this developer!
Anyone considering this mod, be warned there are a lot of code changes to be made; especially if you have all the Boonex media mods installed.

Keep a note of the ones you don't have installed, as there are more code changes you may need to make if you add them later.

Follow the readme.txt carefully.
Works like a charm with all my other modules.
Credit module is a very good module to animate members. very easy to install and configure
perfect, really useful module and modzzz always provides great support and customization service!!
please let me know if you recieved my message response thank you
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