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Module Installation Service


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 24.02.10

Updated: 11.02.14

Category: Tools

Tags: services, installation, modzzz, modzzz team, upgrade, custom work, customization, modifications, integrations

Demo: contact me  username - contact me,password - contact me

License: Open License

Technical Checklist...

This is for installation service for Dolphin modules developed by other vendors.

Installation cost for modules developed by me is $12.

This cost does not cover any troubleshooting or fixing of bugs present in third-party modules.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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I would recommend Modzzz installation to anyone buying Modzzz mods. After a few installations.. I had a few minor issues.. They were quickly resolved...
Great Support, Communication and work ethic.

thx for the work on my site your surport is out standing thx
I would like to say thank you for all help Modzzz has done to support his modules and to satisfy a project needs. Recentely I have just lost a lot of money with that developer, wasted 5 month, the developer never refund me back hehhee... but I will do those integration with 3 modules with Modzzz team. It is trust able so far and I was wrong, not always thinking in money. They did a lot for free.... Hope to be able to make it visible in iPhone and Android too.
Happy 2012.
I just want everyone to know...I hired Modzzz to install 5 mods...he did the work but my hosting company had issues with it...The mods aren't functioning on my site...yet...but instead of Modzzz just walking away...he offered me a refund or another mod...WOW... He didn't have to do wasn't his fault...but that's why I like dealing with Modzzz...he bends over backwards to make sure you're happy...
Thanks Modzzz
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