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Featured Members (Advanced)


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Version: 2.0.9

Added: 05.09.10

Updated: 14.09.19

Category: Social

Tags: featured, members, advertisement, paypal, points, credits, modzzz, spotlight, favorite

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

This is a great way to monetize your site. Administrators can charge members for appearing as Featured on the site.

Featured members block appears in the inactive area of every page on the site so that the Site Administrator can easily add the block to any desired page. By default, the block is prominently displayed on the Home page, Join page and Account page but you can also add it to any other.

This mod also overcome the problem with default Dolphin where Administrators cannot figure out how to feature a member. It adds a Feature/Unfeature button to the Actions block of the Profile page.

Unlimited number of members can purchase a Featured Status.

Featured profiles are displayed randomly to give all featured members a fair chance of exposure.



Members can Donate Featured Status to another member they fancy.


Members can become Featured by paying with Credits (if Credits mod is integrated).

Members can become Featured by paying with Points (if Points mod is integrated).

Members can become Featured by paying with Paypal.


There is an interface that allows single/bulk removal from Featured Status.

There is an interface that allows quick searching and assigning of Featured Status to a member.

Featured Status assigned by Administrator will not expire.

Admin has the ability to turn on/off the methods of Payment.


Member is sent confirmation notification of Featured Status Purchase

Administrator is sent notification of Featured Status Purchase by a Member

Member is sent notification of Featured Status Expiration


Administrator can decide which membership levels can Purchase or Donate Featured Status.


Admin can setup a cost per day to appear in the Featured Status. They cost can be set independently for Points, Credits and Paypal.

Ability to turn Featured Status on/off.

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well what can I say about Modzzz that as not been said already.
Can not get enough of he's great mods. My members have started to use my site more now.
I now have over 20 mods from modzzz now on my site, which all work great and the members love them all.
The only thing is that he makes so many great mods it's hard to pick which ones I want first,. :D
I did buy this module and for some reason the SQL injection files are not working , I think this a major problem This is the first time , I buy from MODS and I'm having problems , I really don't know what to do now
Fantastic Mod and great support !! infact support completed with 30 mins of asking ! This mod brings the site to life a little more by allowing members to get themselfs featured and I must say my users are already finding this a big hit ;)

Thanks Modzzz keep them coming ;) Josh
Just purchase 8 more mods on top of the 11 I bought last week from Modzzz. I'm starting to feel like I have an addiction to Modzzz mods lol they are just so powerful and popular. Each and every mod that I've purchase from Jerome works flawlessly, and better than I had expected, including this one. His prices are very reasonable and his Mods are AWESOME!!! And his services is second to none.
Hi Modzzz, this is a very nice mod but it was written for PayPal only. Why dont you have a selection of payment options? All country currencies are not supported by PayPal and that is a BIG problem for many webmasters worldwide. See what you can do to offer this option. At the moment I'll have to remove it from my site because I wont be able to make use of it, and that is a loss because this is a great mod. I make use of AlertPay and 2Co. I'll give you 5 stars anyway. :-)
Excellent product, works perfect! Easy install. Great service and support. A+++
Wonderful Module and easy to install like all other modules I got from Modzzz.
If it takes more than 20 seconds for you to install this mod, then definitely you are doing something wrong.
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