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Version: 2.0.9

Added: 05.08.10

Updated: 22.05.19

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, raffle, contest, competition, prize, points, game, modzzz

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

This is a unique system that is sure to bring a lot of fun to your members and make them want to visit your site very often.

The Virtual Raffle simulates a real world Raffle and allows your members to enter Raffles to win Prizes.

Raffle can be configured to run in three modes :

1) Free mode - A member can enter a Raffle and get a Ticket freely

2) Points mode - Members must use their Points earned to buy Raffle Tickets. They can purchase multiple tickets per Raffle. Our Points mod must be integrated if this mode is activated. Administrator can also chose to award Points as the Prize for a Raffle

3) Credits mode - Members must use their Credits to buy Raffle Tickets. They can purchase multiple tickets per Raffle. Our Credits mod must be integrated if this mode is activated. Administrator can also chose to award Credits as the Prize for a Raffle

You can offer a variety of Prizes (real or virtual) to the Winners.


For Paid Raffles, eligible members can buy multiple tickets.

The winners are selected based on a purely random basis.

For each Raffle created, a start and end date is assigned. On the end date, winners are randomly chosen automatically, prizes are automatically awarded and the Raffle is automatically flagged as closed.

Each Raffle can have multiple winners (1st Place, 2nd Place etc).

Optional Quota Functionality

This gives Admin the ability to set a Minimum number of Tickets that must be purchased before the Raffle ends.

Administrator can configure the Raffle to automatically Cancel or Extend if Quota is not met. If Raffle is cancelled, any Points or Credits used to enter is returned to the Entrant.

Notification message is sent to Entrants upon Cancellation or Extension of Raffle.

Ability to set the Number of days to Extend Raffle (if Quota is not met).

Ability to set the Number of times to Extend Raffle (if no value is set, it is extended unlimited until the Quota is reached).


Block that displays introductory information about Raffles.


Block that displays the Member's Raffle entries.


Block that displays the Profile Owner's Raffle entries.


Ability to limit entering Raffles to particular Membership Levels.

Ability to limit viewing of Raffle Entries to particular Membership Levels.


Admin can setup multiple prizes for each Raffle.

Each prize can be configured for a particular winning position (eg 1st prize, 2nd prize etc).

Prizes can be Physical (eg. IPods etc.) or Virtual Items (eg. Points, Membership Upgrade etc).

If you have our Points mod you can choose to give members Points as a Prize too.

Prizes Page allows selection from list of all active Raffles and displays available Prizes for each Raffle.


Winners Page allows selection from list of all active Raffles and displays winners for each Raffle.


For each Raffle created, Admin can decide who has access (eg females only, members from USA only etc)

The available filtering options are Age, Country, Gender and Membership Level


Admin can create multiple Raffles that can be running concurrently.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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Thank you for a great contest mod! members like to challange each other :)
Excellent mod and the service was the best Ive experienced on this site,

should get more than 5 stars.

highly recommended.

After this i have bought more than 10 mods
I am running out of idea on how to say how happy I am with MODZZZ mods

Another great mod, cheers
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Work like a charm! Fast and easy install, great support. Perfect! Thank you for this great mod.

THANKS MODZZZ for all your hard work and imagination, as your work brings life to this community..!!! Thanks is not enough, so I will say BIG SO MUCH THANKS..

This mod is the coolest idea ever. Modzzz what would my site do without your mods!!! Thanks, now I know why your buyers are raving how great your mods are!
So far I have 3 Mods From Modzzz and they all work like a charm, If your thinking of getting mods from this guy, you cant go wrong .25 stars up top is not enough, considering the service that comes along with the mods ....a true A++++++ provider
Excellent mod and great help!!
i have purchased the points and raffles modules, and installed both, till the moment the raffles are not shown in the home page, it only shows Raffles area with no raffles entries, and when you click buy tickets it will show "No running raffles messages" and if you clicked entries it will show the prizes only
kindly support in this
you can check this at and my email is
So far so good but by default when you go to Raffles - Entries you have to click the drop down or you don't even know there is a Raffle contest going on, can you also have a way to get this sticky or featured options, also, make a feature options or running out etc. to the main site? It was just hard to find there was anything going on. Thanks
GREAT module and GREAT support!!!
My module feedback:-
Concept: *****
Core Improvment *****
Easy to use: *****
Installation: *****
Does what it says: *****
Presales Support:: *****
Aftersales Support :Not Required
Seller Response: *****
Seller Response time: *****
Will I continue to use this product? Yes
Would I recommend this product to others? Yes
Would I purchase from this seller again? Yes

Linda H
I am continuously amazed at all the fantastic mods by modzzz..I love this one! Can't wait til next payday to buy another.
Highly Recommend this mod! " I bought about 11 mods from Modzzz so far all of them are great. A+
I must say, that there are not enough stars for the work "modzzz"
provides to us in this community. this module should have been part of the source code from boonex.
Hi. This is a great mod and works without problems. In combination with modzzz credits are special. Many thanks and i hope this guy make many new good mods in the future.
Greats from Brazil an
Woow ! For a long time I was hesitant to buy this unit, if I had known I would have bought it much sooner! Fantastic! No criticism is perfect !
This developer's modules form the core of my site!
He has been more than helpful on any of the occasions I've contacted him for assistance!
I look forward to obtaining more mods from this developer!
Nice module! I literally took less than three minutes to install it and is running great. Good job! can't wait to get the points system. Bravo
This is great !!.. A super mod an a GREAT developer!! Thanks so much!!
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