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Xtreem Fluid Layout


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Added: 26.10.10

Updated: 26.10.10

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Xtreem Fluid Layout

This is a modification requested by many.This modification will transform your site layout to fullscreen fluid layout.

Installation is so  easy even my grandma could do it!. It works on both new and moded site and all dolphin 7 version.



Price $5 ONLY!!!!!

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A really helpful, polite and proactive member! Would recommend this mod - even though it was so easy I couldn't do it let alone my grandma! lol

esteem helped me out so quickly even though it was silly o'clock in the morning for him!

Makes a big difference in how viewable site is now!

Thanks again :)
Works perfect.
Makes your site to read the screen resolution and fit the site in it.
You can set the percent of the screen you want 90-80-70%
This worth for me more than a template and his is "stupid" that he dont sale it for 50-100$
Thank you Esteem
Ps: I had some small problems with the extra templates, he offered his help but it was not needed
What a great addition to my site, love it

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Tim and every member of his esteemed Organisation all I can say is look no further than Esteem.

Thanks for your efforts to make this mod work on my site! I was very imporessed with your willingness to work to make it right. Sadly the template itself meant that the mod could not work. I would be happy to buy services and products from you in the future!
i really like the way it stretches out to full page but for some reason its not working for all the pages....can someone let me know where i may have went wrong? i see how this is supposed to work and its a great thing!
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