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Youtubes Video Zone Xtreme D7


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Added: 14.02.10

Updated: 09.02.14

Category: Video

Tags: youtube, video, media, mp3, youtubes, player, skins, channels, videos, music

Demo: http://www.webmediaservices.nl/d7  username - player1,password - player1

License: This is a commercial product made by Web Media Services NL. This product may not see more be trade, be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from Web Media Services NL. This license is valid for 1 community. Contact us for more licenses

Technical Checklist...

WoW, this is Xtreme !!!

Open a complete new video world for your community with this highly advanced Youtubes Video Zone XTREME D7.7. This is the most powerful video feature you can get.

No video uploads which costs much space and band-width. Simply post videos from Youtube.com to different categories and subcategories in seconds!



1. Auto Posting System
2. More than 80 Video Player Skins!
3. Video Players with Playlist
4. New Video Zone Homepage
5. Personal Member Playlist
6. Copy playlists from other members
7. Profile Music Player included (optionally activated)
8. Multi language support
9. More admin settings for free and paid memberships
10. Community Content related search option
11. More ajax functions
12. More member interactivity in browse functions
13. Video Zone Activity Feed
14. Promote your community with sharing Video Players with your members or community video/music content. All Video Players have links your community!
15. Option to postmoderate all member postings
16. Option to have No Links to youtube.com
17. Video Zone Channels
18. Several adverts/google adsense places, admin layout settings, and much more!
19. Import videos by Youtube Username
20. Two extra homepage blocks included
21. add and search Youtube content by Release, Relevance, Views and Rating
22. 80 New videoplayer skins
23. HTML5 videoplayer for iPod, iPad and iPhone (no flash)
24. Music graphic Visualizer while playing music
25. COOL multi videoplayer displays - FLOW -
26. Share to other communities with Add This
27. RSS feeds
28. HD Youtube



Video Zone XTREME is suitable for all versions Dolphin 7.



Your members can:
1. import videos simply with a few clicks or directly with the youtube video URL
2. add HTML information page with additional information about the video
3. collect videos to personal favorites list
4. create own video playlist with order function
5. collect profile videos for showing videos on their profile
6. rate videos
7. send comments and replies on videos
8. send messages and friend requests to posters
9. use advanced search function for video title, keywords and members videos
10. share videos with friends
11. share playlist with other members
12. share profile video or music player (incl. personal skin!) with other members
13. report dead videos to admin
14. copy video url and embedded video codes
15. view full screen video
16. Settings Page for customizing profile and account videoplayer skin and color, set up personal play and sharing option
17. option to integrate profile music in profile video player
18. set up auto post jobs to import only your favorite videos into your chosen categories

Members can see advanced postings information like:
1. newest videos
2. best rated videos
3. most viewed videos
4. top senders
5. most commented videos
6. most popular videos
7. latest watched videos
8. activity feed (with several admin settings)

1. Advanced Video Walls
2. New/Best Rated/Random Videos block on your community homepage
3. Videoplayer with playlist on your community homepage
3. Videoplayer with favorite videos and playlist on member account
4. Videoplayer with playlist, profile videos and profile music on profiles
5. Channels
6. Video Carousel !!!
7. Auto Posting System



1. edit and delete posted videos
2. edit and delete unwanted comments and replies
3. post videos as admin
4. collect featured videos
5. manage reported videos
6. add and delete categories and subcategories
7. choose for about 23 video player skins and many colors
8. manage many settings for customizing your own Youtubes
9. manage adverts like banners and google ads to earn money
10. optionally you can choose to postmoderate member posted videos or even disable member posting
11. set up different features for free and paid memberships
12. view Youtubes Video Zone News for FREE updates and add ons
13. option to add only site related video content
14. automatically daily import site related videos
15. create Channels by category or keyword



1. With admin settings you can customize to your own needs. You have the ability to show/hide players, download button, copy embed, copy url, share button, add columns, set width of columns, choose to have the menu column right or left, etc.
2. Youtubes Video Zone is suitable for all templates. Easy change background colors, headers and fonts to fit with your own template.
3. Multilanguage support if you have more than one languages installed. Easy to translate within your Dolphin Admin Panel.


points system from modzzz



Want to experience your own XTREME WoW ??? Get a sneak preview:






-Widget Zone ($60):
-Youtubes Video Zone Xtreme and Widget Zone package ($110):
-Dolphin Game and Youtubes Video Zone Xtreme Package ($150):
-Dolphin Game Zone+Youtubes Video Zone XTREME+Widget Zone Package ($200):





1. Complete integration within your Dolphin Community and template.
2. Uses same structure as our famous Dolphin Game Zone.
3. Dolphin keeps on changing. We keep on developing! Don't pay for FUTURE upgrades, updates and add ons. If you buy Youtubes Video Zone you will receive it all for FREE.
4. We offer free, quick and honest support. We do not blame others, we solve!
5. Youtubes Video Zone has a full featured admin panel to create your own video world.
6. Hundreds happy customers who have bought our other products.
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This is a must buy as is the gamezone I already have installed. Took about 10 minutes to install and worked perfectly first time. Your users will love this new video zone and so will you. I love the auto post feature which allows videos to be posted in pre selected catorgories automatically putting constant content on your site. The Keyword search facility makes it real easy to post videos on any subject you want with ease. Simply type in a keyword and it will show you a list of videos relating to see more that keyword and you simply select whcih ones you want to add. Also nice that you can add them to your profile at the same time. I could go on and on, but anyone with any doubt should test the demo version and see for themselves. Great addition to any site and simple to install and use. You wont get many better then ramon for support as well.

Something else you should really consider as well. Lots of mod writers not only dont support their product very well but charge for updates. I bought this as v4 and have had free updates including this v7 version so all in all, Im a happy man.lol
you best.
best mod.
best servis.
Thank you Im a happy :)
all super.
I am now very happy with the mod. At first it had some problems but he got right in there and tweaked things back up and now it works fine. This is an extremely useful mod.
WOW! Amazing service and support!!

The Videozone-Solution is one of the best Dolphin Mods i`ve ever seen!

Thanks !

This is an amazing mod!!!!!!!!!!! Fast service....excellent product!!!! Love it !!! Gives instant content to your site....fun to play with...it's a must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well worth the money!!!!!!!!!!!
Satisfied Customer

***** 5 Star Rating


Houston, T.X.

I bought video zone mod and got so happy because wonderful developer and supporter of course the product is wonderful too....After I got modules,I e-mailed to webmediaservices and he answered me very fast,.!He installed and adjust all of setup and check the mod totally.

What can I say more?
Wonderful product,wonderful company.....

my visitors with youtube in my site by downloading,uploading and reviewing in the sametime.....

Thanks so much for developing,supporting,updating and see more helpfulness

Im very happy with this mod. Video Zone, I think is a is one or the best modules in market!
I have received a very fast and profesional services.
Very great mod and great features, and when there was any issue, he jumps on it and gets it done fast, great

The best module I have bought so far in every way.
Support has been excellent, the product is excellent, has transformed my site to do exactly what I wanted!

Little tip ...

set up an unlisted channel on youtube ,host your videos there.
Then you can insert them using the video URL into this module.

the videos stay hidden and unlisted on YT
Your site then benefits from free hosting, instant streaming, FLV scrubbing (search and start anywhere in the vid)
Also, see more as the vids play through the modules own player, when you double click them, you are not taken offsite to YT as with normal embeds!

The Dolphin Video module is painfully slow, especially since H264 support. this is instant and adds so much extra to the site if you have video as a big feature.

1000% recommended in every way.
Easy, cheap and bascially huge script :-) Damned, I missed it :-) Now I bought it
I bought it over a month ago had problems with the site http://www.dream-meanings.org so i stopped using boonex and this module few days ago and started another site. Is there any chance i can get a refund for $70? or a partial refund . I will delete the source code of this module and i am not a programar so i can't use this module in any way.

I can tell the seller what exactly was the problem that happened so if the seller wants he can look in to it and fix it if he wants and feels that it needs see more to be done. I can still see issues in google webmasters.

Looking forward to your reply

A truly amazing mod, with all the features one can dream of.

I love :
- The ability to do autoposting : relevant content is added to my site while I sleep, and does not use any bandwith nor storage !
- The intuitive interface, very easy to use on the front and admin end
- The extended advertising opportunities, good way to make money on Google, affiliate or own products :-)

On the net, niche is key and content is king - This mod makes it very easy to had and monetize niche content. It's see more clearly one of the most attractive features on my site.

Cherry on the cake, support is very professional.

=> This mod is just too good to be true :-)

I can only use one word to decribe this module and that is SUPER, this mod have taken our site to a superior level andis a must for anysite.

I Take great pleasure in writing this note of appreciation. Our long search for a quality developer of modules who can visualise our dreams and make it come true came to an end in the form of webmediaservices.

We Would like to place on record our profound gratitude & sincere thanks for the excellent service rendered to us during the pre-sales and see more after sales support with the highest sense of Profesionalism. The Conceptual skills, step by step systematic approach, attention to details & precise documentation, meticulous planning & implementation, all handed out with kindness are the Hallmark of their achievement & Key objectives towards total customer satisfaction.

I would also like to take this oppurtunity to thank Ramon and every member of his esteemed Organisation all I can say is look no further than webmediaservices.

Super excellent mod adds loads to our site. Support was fantastic and Ramon had completed the installation before I got back from coffee. Thanks Ramon!
I love this mod. It makes it so much easier for my customers and myself as well.
Hello Ramon, could you please contact me on my gmail, It looks like you are not geting my unity messages, for sure there is problem with my sent box , and this just messages sent to you, sorry for contacting you here, but no other solution. I have a problem with inputting video zone code to BxBaseProfileView.php no problem with D7.0.4 only with D7.0.5, Thanks
Hello Mat,

I contacted you by mail. Please check it.

Kind regards,
Same with ramon can you pls also contact with me too.umit2000@yahoo.com I cant get answer my e-mail from boonex.I am getting this error and few more thinks.I need to discuss with you.(Fatal error: Call to undefined function assignPoints() in /home/facesnet/public_html/videozone/searchyoutube.php on line 2399)
Hello Umit,

I contacted you by mail. Please check it.

Kind regards,
Ramon, you are totally awesome!! I highly recommend not only this module, but also any services webmediaservices has to offer!! Not only did I get a quick response, but quick installation, quick services, etc., Anyone trying to build a site, spend the extra monies and buy the module and allow installation.
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