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Version: 2.0.5

Added: 15.12.11

Updated: 22.05.19

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, blog, confession, diary, notes, entertainment, modzzz, fmylife, gossip

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

Fmylife module basically is a clone of the functionality of It is a collection of everyday anecdotes and stories likely to happen to anyone and everyone. This is a space where members can let it all out and unwind by sharing the little things that screw with their day, and maybe realize that they are not alone in experiencing day-to-day crap.


Fmylife contains a daily dose of short anecdotes, based on a simple recipe: in a few sentences, users can tell everyone the shitty moment which ruined their day. These short stories can be posted each day by site members. On top of being a huge release for the person telling their story, delightfully proving that screw ups happen to everybody every day, fmylife also aims to be funny for everyone involved, as well as a way to share your misfortunes with other unlucky individuals .


Quite simply: each user can contribute to the site and submit their own story. Posts must be short and to the Point (Admin can configure the Maximum allowable post length). Administrator can setup stories to either be automatically published or the story will have to be approved by an Administrator.

As soon as the story is online, visitors can vote for it in two different ways:
a) I agree, your life sucks (when they agree)
b) You totally deserved it (when they reckon you put yourself into that situation on your own)


Members can choose to receive daily or weekly email feed of Postings made by members that they are subscribed to.


Search functionality to allow searching submissions by Keyword and Categories


Members can choose to make a Post anonymous so the identity of the publisher is not revealed


Members can Rate or Comment on Posts


Block on the home page to display submissions, with ability to filter by Recent, Top, Popular.
Block on the profile page to display Member's submissions.


Admin can allow automatic approval, otherwise admin has to approve all new submissions.
Admin can Post-Moderate submissions.
Admin interface to easily manage the Categories.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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awesome service and quick turnaround time, thanks much!!!
So do you think what happened to you today sucks or did you deserve it? Let your members decide when you buy/install this module. Another great way for members to interact. Great Job!
A great little addition to my site, works straight out of the box and very easy to configure. I now have over 20 of Modzzz mods and they are always simple to install and perform exactly as it says in the description. Much appreciated Modzzz. Cheers. Olso I made slight changes to the css and made the user links into buttons that matched my site so it now integrates flawlessly but it was fine out of the box.
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