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Forced matrix with Affiliate\Referrals system 2.0


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Version: 2.1.0

Added: 05.09.12

Updated: 16.09.20

Category: Affiliates

Tags: referral, membership, payment, invite, aqb soft, affiliate, matrix, paypal, mass pay, dolphin 7.1

Demo:  username - aqbtest,password - xxxxx

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by AQB Soft. It cannot be modified for see more other than personal usage. The "personal usage" means the product can be installed and set up for ONE domain name ONLY. To be able to use this product for another domain names you have to order another copy of this product (license). This product cannot be redistributed for free or a fee without written permission from AQB Soft. This notice may not be removed from the source code.

Technical Checklist...

Forced matrix with Affiliate\Referrals system is developed due to improvement and extension of our 2 popular mods – Affiliate\Referrals System and Forced Matrix for Affiliate\Referrals System. This NEW module contains all features of the previous versions and several new ones.

New payment features:

  • Now you can pay commission directly using payment providers integrated to the Dolphin. If the member installed his/her payment details on his/her account settings, you, as admin, can easily add commission to the cart and pay to him/her.

  • New Paypal Mass payment feature is available. You can pay to all members simultaneously, of course, if members installed their paypal settings on their accounts pages. You may send payment to 255 members simultaneously.

  • Now you can set the minimum amount for members’ commission to send payment request to admin.

  • Only active members can get commissions.

Matrix Settings:

  • Now you can set different matrix’s parameters for different membership levels with the different commissions’ amount.You can set the next parameters for each membership level: 
    1. Commission for join

    2. Commissions for upgrade

    3. Matrix’s depth (number of levels)

    4. To disable/Enable matrix.

  • You can rebuild matrix and change matrices settings separately.


Members have quite different interface on their referral pages with two view possibilities:
  1. View of invited members or matrix’s members in table with possibility to search by several criteria’s using 100% ajax interface.

  2. View of members in Tree. This allows to see members and their parents in more clear view.

Admin’s part:

  1. Admin can search payment requests using different criteria and pay by different methods on commissions page. Members will get email notifications about paid commissions.

  2. Now Admin can see member’s current history in details.

UPDATED on 05.09.2012. Next features were added:
  1. New feature which allows to place block with member's referral link on most popular pages of the site such as: ads, article, blog, event, group ,news ,photo ,video ,sound ,site ,store ,profile. Administration of the site can remove block with referral link from any of listed pages. We think, this option will make members more active, because allows to send referral links on interesting pages.

  2. Now you can reward members for any number of directly invited members with membership level.

Installation is very easy, you don’t need to change any file, just upload and press to install button.
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Poor Anton must be pulliong his hair out by now with the amount of alterations and custom work i requested to afilliates matrix, but he was always 100% there for us. This is an unbeatable product. It works well and will encourage sign up significantly if used correctly.

If you do not have a huge advertising budget (like us) you could use this module so that your members can earn when people they invite upgrade (pay). Its like giving the advertising money back to your members, but only once you see more have made much more income yourself via their subscriptions. This is great.
Thank you very much for the review. We greatly appreciate your opinion.
Thank you, Anton.
This is a really useful module to increase and promote the people's registration on my website.
Five stars from me.
Well Anton you have done it again!! I love it and I'm now able to manage affiliates with no problems at all. Easy to install and setup was easy to understand and to complete. Ten stars for this one. Also must to have.
Thank you very much for the review :)
Hello Anton LV , Tell me one thing - If members upgraded by admin without using any payment system then no commissions are showing earning or paid or unpaid area . So is it your system in this software that - if any member upgrade by a payment system like paypal then the referrer will get commission . Is it ?
Yes, by default commission is sent only when a member pays using one of installed payment providers. We have sent you email with details.
From Balajiaus,
Dear Antony - An excellent mod beautiful and working perfectly . Thanks for that.Can you mail Tell me one thing - If members upgraded by admin without using any payment system then no commissions are showing earning or paid or unpaid area . So is it your system in this software that - if any member upgrade by a payment system like paypal then the referrer will get commission . Is it ? Pls mail us also the same.
Thank you for the review. :)
P.S. We'll answer your question via email shortly.
I believe this is the best module for affiliate\referrals - you can't beat a forced matrix when it come to exciting members with helping each-other build a great network while benefiting financially. I commend Anton for having the foresight for providing this module to the Dolphin community.

Mod is very easy to install and configure. Also, Anton provides rapid response and superb support.
Thank you very much for the review, we greatly appreciate it.
Hello! It was a pleasure working with you. I will recommend you to my friends. Once again thank you for helping ")
This guy Anton is the best! Great service and a great attitude. We have made him our " go to guy " with our Boonex site. Keep up the great work, Doug
In my point of view, this mod is the best in the unity market.Very professionnal. I will give AntonLV 5stars. Easy install et good marketing tool. What I can suggest to AntonLV is to integrate "inviter tool" allowing members to use contacts from Yahoo, Gmail and others email providers instead of typing them.
Thank you very much for your feedback! We are already working on contacts importer tool, it will be available soon.
An amazing module, and the case of affiliation is undoubtedly the most complete I've ever seen in Dolphin stores.
I advise this module
Thank you AntonLV
Thank you Anton awesome product, and excellent follow up!
I already bought this module for several month.
The module is really powerful. very useful to my site.
Very easy to install, ans easy to manage.
Anton is always with patience any time I ask him to change something.
I bought many modules from him, and will continue buy his module and service.
I give him five stars.
Thank you very much! We greatly appreciate your opinion!
Impressive module for large sites where affiliates and referal are needed. Very complete.
The technical service is outstanding, fast and efficient. Congratulations
Thank you for the review!
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