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Version: 2.1.5

Added: 25.05.11

Updated: 26.02.20

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, club, group, party, venue, event, news, fan, modzzz

Demo:  username - tester,password - test123

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License: IMPORTANT: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified see more for other than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

A thorough Club Directory implementation. This Premium version has advanced features such as Club Events, News, Reviews, Paid listings, Paid Featured listings, drill-down by location etc.


Optional integration with Coupons module


Club Admin can now post News items about a particular Club.

News block with the latest posted News is shown on Club View page

Sub-section added to Club page to allow browsing all News items


Club has built-in Events section which can be used or you can choose to use the integration with the default Dolphin Events module.

Club Admin can now post Events taking place for a particular Club.

Events block with the latest posted Events is shown on Club View page

Sub-section added to Club page to allow browsing all Events


Club Admin can now post DJs that play for a particular Club.

DJs block is shown on Club View page

Sub-section added to Club page to allow browsing all DJs


Members can post Feedback and Reviews on Clubs they have visited. This will provide enlightening information for potential club goers


This is an optional feature that allows your site to charge fees for listings.

Packages - Admin can create different packages with different benefits. The variables are :
a) Allow Videos
b) Allow Photos
c) Allow Sounds
d) Allow Files
e) Number of Days a Listing will show for

Possibility to have both Free and Paid Packages. In addition to paid Packages, Admin can create Promotional Packages that allows the posting of Free listings for a specific length of time.

Invoices - View page to list all outstanding Invoices

Orders - View page to list all Orders


At any time BEFORE a Listing expires, the owner can choose to extend the length of time it is listed for

At any time AFTER a Listing expires, the owner can choose to RE-LIST the listing. This is very convenient as it prevents the member from having to create the listing from scratch again. During re-listing, a different Package can be chosen if desired.


Admin has the ability to create promotional Packages that allows the Free listing of Club for a specified length of time.


This is an optional feature that allows a Site Administrator to charge fees for Featuring Club Listings.

Admin can set the cost per day for a listing to remain featured.


Allows sharing of the Club listing on Twitter, Facebook and other popular networks


This is not limited to a single Country. The mod includes a listing of States/Regions for all Countries. When adding an Club Listing, the State field is automatically populated upon selection of a Country.


You can drill down Club Listings based on location. An additional section is included which lists all Countries in the world. Upon selection of a Country, all regions in that Country are displayed. Upon selection of a Region, the listings occurring at that location are displayed.


Admin can configure Club Listings to send reminders to the list owner a preset number of days before the listing expires and/or a preset number of days after the listing expires.


Forum is tightly integrated to facilitate discussion on a Club Listing


Adds the ability to limit viewing of an individual Club Listing to a particular Membership Level


Adds the ability for Admin to restrict upload of Videos, Photos, Sounds and Files to particular membership levels. This is in addition to restrictions for Paid listings


Adds the ability to allow members to Embed Videos from Video Sharing sites such as Youtube


You can drill down by both Categories and Sub-Categories

Comprehensive list of Club Categories and Sub-Categories with over 2500 Club Categories included


Admin can create Club Listings that the real owners/operators can later claim.

Club owner can claim a listing and send a message to Admin with verification details of their ownership.

Section in admin to list all claims received. Admin can assess claims and either delete the Claim or assign the listing to the claimant. Upon assignment by Admin, a message is sent to the claimant, notifying them that the listing has been assigned to them.


Ability to upload a Photo Gallery

Ability to upload a Video Gallery - For example, this is useful for nightclubs to upload video clips

Ability to upload a File Gallery - For example, this is useful for club with eatery to upload menus

Ability to upload a Sounds Gallery - This is useful for announcements etc.


Members can Rate Club Listings

Members can Comment on Club Listings

Members can Request more Information about a Club Listing .


Members can Share Club Listings with other site members or external friends.

You can view my full list of more than 200 mods at
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I have an issue with this mod, so far you seem to be ignoring my messages. I am not prepared to issue any positive feedback until you investigate my problem. I first contacted you over three weeks ago... my clients are waiting... you must know exactly how that feels... This is not on!
Great mod, as with all the 'premium' range by Modzzz.
Always great support, by pm as well as by forums.
Purchased, installed with no problems. Couple of minor issues that were VERY quickly resolved. Even when i was impatient and emailed after 2 days (during the weekend), was emailed back and told when the patch would be available and it was. I have been using Modzzz for some years and have not had a single unresolvable problem. Quality development. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
I have almost every mod that Modzzz has in his library, and I cannot brag enough about the quality of his work, professionalism and services! This mod is a definite must have! Another way to generate revenue for your site.

Modzzz is a top notch programmer who backs what he sells!

Thank you for all of your hard work, highly appreciated!
Well I have been here watching Dolphins development for at least 5 years now and I have seen people come and go. I still consider myself a newbie lol because there is so much to learn about dolphin. Ok enough about me, I’m writing this review because I truly believe that Dolphin would have nowhere near the popularity it has, if it was not for the awesome work of Modzzz. I’ve recently purchase 11 mods including this one and so far all 11 work flawlessly. A creative, prolific, and programing see more genius. He is truly the one. Thanks for everything Jerome.
Excellent Mod. Even though we have fairly complex template and have made large number of modifications to our system, Clubs module installed well from the very first time. It is very intuitive and easy to adapt to your particular needs. With Modzzz magic touch clubs became a very powerful community gathering application.
This developer is amazing! I have purchased over 10 different mods from them. All of them very affordable. I have had a few issues, but they were "my own fault for not reading the instructions". I will continue buying from them as long as they keep coming up with these great ideas. :-) My rating 10/10. You will never regret your purchases with them.
Wonderful Module. I installed it in minutes .. Works exactly as I expected .. Thanks guys.
This very large and equally powerful module allows my site members to share information about clubs, pubs and other venues they attend. If the Venue owner joins, he/she can claim the listing and look after it in future. There are too many features for me to explore and some I'll never use. It's a well designed module and one that will become an important feature of my site. The module is easy to install and Modzzz responded quickly to a few minor changes I requested.
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