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RMS Server Installation & Configuration Services (Ray Media Server)


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Version: 1.0.0

Added: 08.12.12

Updated: 15.03.14

Category: Hosting

Tags: dolphin 7.1, rms server installtion, rms server configuration, ray media server install, rms installs, rms hosting, dedicated rms

Demo:  username - demo,password - demo

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License: n/a

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"CLICK HERE" To Purchase this Mod Directly on Our Secure Website for a Big Discount!

RMS Installations You Can Trust! Don't feel like paying a big monthly fee to use streaming media RMS Servers ? If you are on a dedicated or VPS hosting plan with us or any other provider we will install RMS on your machine for a low one time flat rate. All installation services are backed by or 100% Satisfaction Guarantee..* We require ssh and root access to your server if not hosted with us.

Click Here to purchase this service on our ssl secured site. You can send your SSH Root Acess details from our secure form. We recommend purchasing this service directly on our site but you can also purchase this service here on boonex and we will contact you afterwards to obtain your access details to complete the install.

With this RMS installation package your never alone. Our expert Dolphin technical support team will make sure that you have a bug-free and secure Dolphin rms server installation. We are available 24/7 for support requests from our website. You can rely on use for support and any questions you may have.
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Great service and support, cheers
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