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Version: 2.0.1

Added: 09.04.13

Updated: 19.05.19

Category: Other

Tags: extensions, trip, travel, destination, location, car pooling, ride sharing, tour, modzzz

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License: This is a commercial product made by Stellar Soft and cannot be modified for other see more than personal usage. This licence is valid for one domain only. Redistribution of this product for free or for a fee without written permission from Stellar Soft is strictly prohibited.

Technical Checklist...

This module allows members who are Traveling to other locations to post details of their Trip. They will have the ability to allow other persons to travel along with them as Travel Buddies. This feature can be used for multiple purposes such as Ride Sharing, Car Pooling, Group Vacation Traveling, Educational Trips, Religious Events etc.

A Trip can consist of single destination or multiple destination stop points. When posting a Trip, estimated times for each location must be stated. When a Trip is posted, the display page includes a route map that uses the Google Maps feature to plot the route of multiple destinations (for local trips).

Trip Poster will be able to limit the number of persons allowed on the Trip.

Trip Poster will be able to set the Trip as private invite only or public but requires permission by Trip Poster to join..

When a Trip is posted all who sign up will be placed in a group that can communicate via a forum specific to the Trip in order to discuss details of the Trip.

A members gallery will show all who are particpants of the Trip.

Members will be allowed to rate and review each other who they attended a Trip with.



When posting a Trip, the member will :

-> Provide details of the Trip.

-> State Cost per Seat (if applicable) and number of available seats.

-> State whether it is a round trip or not.

-> State where the Trip is departing from and arriving at.

-> State departure time (and return time for round-trips).

-> State contact details for the Trip Administrator(s).


Profile page block lists all Trips that the member is going on and previous Trips they attended.


Google map view is displayed for each destination point.

Ability to input details about each stopping point along the route along with estimated time of departure/arrival at each location.

Ability to list the purpose of a destination stop point (eg. meal stop, gas stop, sight seeing stop, or overnight stop etc.)


Trip administrator(s) can add persons who will be traveling on a Trip. If there is a cost attached, they can make individual arrangements to collect from the participants.

Also, members interested in a Trip can submit a request to the Trip administrator(s) who will then determine if they are willing to include the person and then either accept or deny the request.

When a member is being added, they can indicate where they will embark and terminate their journey (for multi-destination Trips).


News section allows posting of general information related to a Trip. This could be current happenings or travel warnings about particular areas or simply historical and informative data.


Broadcast feature is included to facilitate Trip Administrator(s) to communicate with their Travel Buddies. This ability to send mass messages to everyone is essential in preventing some persons to from being left out of the loop when critical information must be disseminated (such as in the case of a Trip cancellation etc).


Trip Administrator(s) can upload Photos, Videos etc. that provide insight on what took place on the Trip.

Instead of uploading, Videos can be Embedded from Youtube (this saves on server space).


Members can post feedback of their Travel experience for a particular Trip.

Members who have been on a Trip can post Reviews for the other members with whom they shared the Trip. This will give future travelers some sort of idea of what they may expect if they share future Trips with a particular member.

Members can Rate Trips.

Members can Comment on Trips.


Trip administrator can Invite other site members or external friends to participate in a Trip.

Allows sharing of the Trips on Twitter, Facebook and other popular networks.


Forum is integrated to facilitate discussion of a Trip. Before Traveling, members can provide each other with information via the forum and after traveling they can relate their experiences etc.

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My members are really enjoying this module, it is great at helping them get together and do fun things together! Install went well, and support is outstanding!
Great mod, always on off road trips myself. Install was breeze. Cheers
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