2012 - Dolphin 8 - Permissions Builder Preview

Andrew Boon posted 8th of January 2012 in Dolphin.pro News. 37 comments.

We enter 2012 with high hopes and huge plans. With any luck this year BoonEx should become very different from what it has always been. Although 2011 was mostly a year of bug-fixing and service updates we started to show first bits of Dolphin 8 - the new big version based on current platform, but built with a new vision. We've lost Mike just a couple of weeks ago and it was the most saddening loss, but we have to go on. We have many more lives to support and spirits to inspire. With Dolphin 8 and with you we plan to "make a dent in the universe" this year. Come along!


Permissions Builder

One of the most important aspects of any membership-based CMS is permissions and membership levels management. This is where you setup what certain members can do, how much they have to pay, what they're called and for how long they're granted their membership levels. Nobody can get it quite right. We've seen dozens of different approaches and all of them seem to be either very limited or overcomplicated.

Today, we suggest you have a look at our take on how Permissions Builder should work. Watch the video and let us know what you think. We also have a few more big parts of Dolphin 8 ready for preview, so stay tuned.



Make sure to watch in HD.

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This looks GREAT, can't wait to have my hand on it :-) Thank you!
Nathan Paton
I really need to update that ancient demo...

Looking good.
Thanks. that would be awesome...
i don't like the music !.... :)
Andrew Boon
Bugger! Will try better next time ;) Have to select from public domain, so it's a bit tough.
Yeah... I had to hit the mute button after about 10 seconds. A voice narration, and a simple explanation as to why we need this intricate permission builder would be nice.
great so far,
but where is the statistics page? meaning detailed statistics page.
how many members belong to which membership?
how many members are active in each membership?
how many members are inactive for more than a week?
how many members are the TOP active members?
i hope theres a lot of requirement in this section...

also, pl add "points" into "actions" section
Andrew Boon
"How many members" thing is a data for Admin, not Studio.
so there is "admin" and "studio" ?
As far as I remember, "Admin" as we know it, is substituted by "Studio" instead....
"How many members" thing is a data for Admin, not Studio.

quoting the above, there should be an admin too or otherwise we are missing admin features in studio... im not clear about that for now...
I am not clear too:-). Well. I think it is going to be good anyhow.
may i suggest something here. though it may not be a big deal to you guys. that option to "get another members email" needs to hit the trashcan. if the communication is available via the site, then there is absolutely no need to "get another members email" ever.

the video is was quite fast, and one would have to watch it five or six times to get a grasp on what you are showing there. i did like what i was able to see.

indeed, you guys are doing some great stuff.

one see more other thing, can we look for the Looking For, and I am A to be geared towards more of a social networking and business networking entity rather than a one night stand hookup type registration GIG?
I think the video is so fast cos the music is so fast :-) hehe
I definately like the new improved version makes it alittle easier to work. I like the drag n drop feature. In fact I think the drag n drop feature should be on everything. No more little green up and down arrows.
But I do like the on/off switches and the storage spaces too.
Good Job
This is awesome, can't wait to get my hands on it!
Ummm....All I see is massive improvement. The biggest pain in my butt was figuring out how to attack membership levels and pricing. This is worlds apart and shows me extreme flexibility and fine tuning. WAY COOL! I want Dolphin 8 so bad I can taste it....mmmm chocolate baby!
Keep up the great work!
Thanks guys!
Andrew, will there be an upgrade path for 7.0.8 to 8?
very good,

- Member free with Advertiser
- Guests with Advertiser
- Member Premium pay without Advertiser
I like dolphin. Over 10 years I'm using it. But in my experience forum module cause some problems if you use it other languages except for English. I'm trying to follow the technology. What I understand that forum systems has ended up and questions and answers systems is geting more bigger and bigger. I think that forum module must change into a question and answer system by inspiring quora. I wonder waht Andrew think about it, what is his vision about this. Thanks for all.
Agreed. Forums in current form need to be integrated into Dolphin, not tacked on as a special case/afterthought with their own unique set of problems.

See this post for more details:
Much much better than in D7. Much better overview and somehow simpler to use. Looks good. I want D8 bad! Where is it?

I know this question is perhaps a little away from the general topic here, but:

Andrew, are we going to see some improvement seen from members point of view, like more intuitive and easy to find basic key functions? Just wondering.
Good start but hard to tell if the extensive issues associated with membership/access control / security / privacy settings scattered throughout Dolphin are being addressed in whole. If not, they need to be.

See this post from nearly a year ago for details:
Casal Pimenta
Sounds very nice!

There will be options for currencies? There are many countries that work with currencies other than U.S. dollars.
I still have problems with payments for my site has adult content, watch this!
Certainly well done :-) Nice work!
I agree with DosDawg "get another members email" has to be removed :-)
Wahoo, very impressed, BoonEx is the greatest.
I hope that the shopping function will be greater.
If dolphin has a good platform for shopping (PrestaShop, Magento etc. ..)
It will be very download.
my English is very bad
Gee... looks like Dolphin 8 will make it easier than ever to build sleazy porn sites. Seriously..... who besides porn site builders actually need such intricacy in "Permissions"? I can only hope you put as much effort into things like ridding us of those ridiculous blue padlocks.

How about giving us some insight into the core product. A bullet list of what's going to make D8 so much better than D7 would be nice.

Will all the money I spent on D7 modules and templates be down the see more drain?
As you can probably see, I'm not as easily impressed as most others.
Dolphin 8 build?

- Subtitle for deaf (New subtitles or add new transcript)
- Subtitle Edit
- Player with Subtitle CC Language
- HD

Youtube Subtitle yes
points i like to see in D8

1.Mod/app browser/installer from boonex market inside studio [like wordpress]
2.I would be very happy host an empty website with option for my users to search for his interesting mods and install in his profile. why do i have to push games mod to the one who dislikes games.

the structure will be nice and personelized for every users...

my website - empty + 100s of mods,apps available
user A - search and install chat, video chat, few games
user B see more - search and install chat, forums
user C - search and install rss content, classifieds etc

isnt this a simple networking platform?
the more i crave for new features and try to stuff it to the members who has no liking to that feature disgraces my website... Dolphin should go "natural"
Will it be possible to update from D7 to D8 or will we have to start from scratch??
I want to see more wigets, profile wallpaper changes.
I hope we willi be able to print off members lists paid members levels etc
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