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AntonLV posted 25th of December 2009 in Boonex News. 114 comments.

My name is Anton! I am a professional developer. I have been a BoonExer for more than 5 years already and I know BoonEx products very well. I speak Russian and English.

Now we've organized a little company(AQB Soft) to provide different products and services for BoonEx software. We will be glad to help you with Dolphin installation and set up, modifications, site customizations, third party integrations etc. You may read more about us here.

Also you may test our products on demo sites: Dolphin 6.1 Demo and Dolphin 7.0 Demo.




A little more information about our work.

1. If you have any questions regarding licenses (how to buy, cannot find your license, cannot register your Dolphin, etc) feel free to ask.

2. Installation service:


  • Prime(you've selected me as an agent before purchasing the Prime) - Free.
  • Package Install (Dolphin with modules and RMS) - $50,
  • Dolphin Install (Dolphin with modules) - $30,
  • RMS Install - $30
  • Mod Install (mod purchased from my store) - $10 Discounts are available here if you purchase a number of mods from me and want me to install all of them at the same time.
  • 3d Party Mod Install (mod purchased from the other vendor) - $20 or more.

3. All bugs that may be found in my mods will be fixed for FREE and an updated version is provided. If the mod was ruined by installation of another vendor's mod or such, after you've confirmed that it was installed and worked correctly, you'll need to pay for the reinstallation (refer to point 2).

4. I cannot modify your sites for free. :) So, be prepared for a paid quotation for custom modifications.

5. Large quote requests may take extended review time and MAY, in some cases, require a small quotation fee.

6. Individual support may be provided for FREE or require a service payment of $10/hour. Everything depends on the complexity of the problem and the time required to find the solution and fix the problem.

7. All software-related bugs should be posted on the "Dolphin Bug Reports Forum", which is watched by the Boonex developers. Please submit any bug with all the details there. However, if you want me to arrange a custom site review and fix any issues (if required) I am happy to quote this for you (refer to point 6).


Feel free to contact us and we weould be glad to help you.

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Priceless support, incredibly sharp and talented programmer, friendly and attentive... I could go on and on. Great to have you as an agent!
Anton is exceptionally brilliant with Dolphin.
Anton is a pro developer and his support is fast and detailed! I like it to work together with anton!
AntonLV is a serious pro. If you want your work done right and quickly, then he is your man. You simply can not get a better programmer for Dolphin.
friendly & patient support and very very fast! thank you very much!
Hey Anton you have done so much for me in the pass I am honored to have you as my agent. You are the ultimate programmer for the Dolphin script, and to all those who don’t believe me you better ask somebody.
Happy New Year, 2010 is already looking good, I have noticed you are already working hard & fast on upgrading your mods to D7, looking forward to seeing them all working on D7.
he is for me the best of all...i worked so often with him on the expertzzz site and created with his help some nice mods;)
AntonLV is knowledgeable and helpful. Wow how do you get back to us so fast? Does this man sleep?

Thanks for being there AntonLV!

Larry @ capslockoff
Immediate, helpful, and knowledgeable responses - surpassed my expectations, I thought I'd be waiting much longer for a response!
I have been working with Anton since almoast 1 year and it is really being a pleasure! He is always there, is very patient (and I can be really anoying sometimes!). I really really recommend him to help you with your dolphin sites!
He solved quickly all my problems with dolphin. Im happy to have chosed Anton as my agent!
Anton was a great help with my new site. He sorted out my issue immediately and profesionally.
Anton is great to work with and very affordable. I will be doing a lot of work with him on modifying my site.

Great job Anton
Anton is a very experienced programmer. He know Dolphin very well. I have purchased many mods from him and have also got a few customs modifications done. He is very responsive and he keeps up to his promise. He has always completed all his mod installs within the time frame stated. Thanks a lot Anton.

Before I end this review I would like to say - Anton, You are the best :)
He's my all time favorite. He's so awesome with Dolphin. PERIOD!
Thank you for your help Anton.
Hi this is peacebookasia I have just purchased licensed for 400 days but i still didnt receive any license mail
please help me in this
Anton is a very prompt and knowledgeable about all things Dolphin. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a friendly reliable agent.

Thanks Anton for your continuing help and support.
Helped me setup D7 Prime, and also RMS. Couldn't have done it without him. Good communication, and is very patient, trust me anyone else probably would have given up on me because of the server issues i was having, but he walked me through them and we got everything setup. Thanks again!
Anton is clear, quick and efficient. Thanks Anton for continuing support and advice even when I made errors through my own inexperience a.k.a stupidity! Cheers, mate.
Anton is the greatest. I've worked with a lot of developers on this site and he is easily one of the best. Fast and thorough. What more could you ask for?
Anton - twice now you've gone above and beyond to answer my questions very quickly as my agent - THANK YOU!!! And thanks for the great support in the recent past for the products I've purchased.
Ive purchase some mods from Anton and I gotta say hes the best
he helped me with the installation, Ive sent him so many messages and he always ansewered me right away

Hes really the best
I purcahsed the Prime package after discussing it in depth with Anton. He followed up on a timely basis and performed a flawless install of the system. As with any new system, there are questions and misteps(on my part), but Anton and his group have been very willing to assist whenever I've needed them.

I will certainly use Anton for all of my technical work on Dolphinas well as some of his add-on products.

Anton, thank you so much for your professional, expert work and I look forward to many see more conversations as we build our site out!
Nothing to say.... but two thumb up... for a great guy as Anton :)

Thanks for your kindly understand and with the great support.
fast and reliable, great product! ( i got scamnet). also he goes out the way to help and thats really appreciated! i would definitely recommend :=)
Good service. Was really helpful...Thanks.
always gets back to me within a day, and is a huge help!
AntonLV is a great agent and developer. Always getting back to me within few hours with help and suggestions.
Would strongly recommend him to anyone thats working within Dolphin!
We enjoy working with Anton very much. He has always been very fast to act on any issue we have, and has professionally taken care of us.

We recommend Anton highly... Earth Sports |
Anton is amazing, responsive and effective, highly recommended. Thanks for all your hard work Anton!
Great service! Perfect installation, in a very fast time and Anton is answering all questions. Thank you very much!
Anton is quick, responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.
Anton is quick, responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.
Anton is very fast, precise and I know what he do with Dolphin, is mod are also perfect. A best agent as ever. You are never mistaken when you use its services. Thank you so much for all your actions.
Hi, I want to build a website like linkedin, can you help me?

If you buy a mod, you should take it.
Already because Anton is a great seller. Available, efficient, and knows Uqi help solve all the problems on dolphin.

Then, because this mod is really very good, very complete, very useful for its members.

I advise you this wonderful mod, sincerely
Anton is a great person to work with, as an agent, he is always very responsive to my emails and extremely helpful. I have also purchases several mods from Anton in the past which I have been very happy with. Thanks again!
I cannot say enough good things about Anton as an agent and developer, but let me try :) He responds to messages and fixes issues quickly and effectively. He's very polite and helpful. His mods are great and work exactly as described. Other top developers have even recommended his mods to me. He's a true professional who knows what he's doing and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Anton for all of your patience and great support!
Outstanding Support! Helped me on all issues and problems. Very kind and helpful Agent. Recommended ....
A Very Good Programmer, Very Supportive, Glad that i chose him as my agent.
Very efficient, quick response, problem solved, highly recommended coder.
AntonLV and Alexander (AQB Soft) were very attentive and helpful in all my doubts and support. Installations performed with speed and attention to the limitations of my server. Great experience. You have my statement. Thanks to both.

AntonLV e Alexander (AQB Soft) foram muito atenciosos e prestativos em todas as minhas dúvidas e suporte. Realizaram as instalações com rapidez e atenção às limitações do meu servidor. Ótima experiência. Tem minha indicação. Muito obrigado à ambos.
I have worked with AntonLV for several years now. He has always been professional and prompt with his responses and work time. If you are looking for a agent, I would highly recommend AntonLV.
It is no surprise to see how many people gave this agent 5 stars as he is the ONLY agent that answered my question. He responded in a timely manner and DID not pass the buck. I am new to Dolphin so I really didn't know who to direct my question to. I sent the same message out to numerous people including other members who not agents. AntonLV is the ONLY one who answered the question and my problem was fixed successfully and effortlessly. Thank you so much AntonLV. I will continue to keep you see more as an agent as you are the best so far!
I've been a member of Boonex for a while now, but just installed D7 and AntonLV has been an awesome tech support!
Anton quickly responded to my messages and help solve all the problems on dolphin! Thanks!
Anton was quick to respond and professional in his execution of several fixes to my site. He solved my problem in record time which saved me hours of work and massive aggrevation. I've paid hunreds of dollars for programs and applications that didn't come with such reliable and professional support. If you are just signing up and you don't know which agent to choose, I recommend AntonLV.
I have only been working with Boonex products for a few weeks now. AntonLV has been superb with support questions and all of my other concerns. Causes of the problems I experienced were pointed out quickly and I was able to correct them right away. SUPER AGENT!!!
Anton is simply the best! Any time i have a problem he gets it worked out and fast! Id give more stars if i could :)
Anton has been a great help to me and my site. Even though I can just imagine he must get a hundred emails a day, I always see a response from him promptly. He's always steered me in the right direction, and always very nice.
Great! Anton is the best! Im happy that you are my Agent :D
Anton is always quick to respond to my questions big or small. Great responses and great communication :) Thank you Anton
Thx a lot for your help, I recommend AntonLV for any question, quick respond, good and correct answer
Concise, quick and courteous - highly recommended.
Anton is amazing. He is a true professional. He responds quickly with excellent support and he is a very talented programmer. His mods are top notch and are a must have for your website. As you can see from all the positive remarks above mine, everyone else feels the same way about him. I highly recommend him to anyone!! 5 STARS!!
Great support, answers all questions I have thoroughly, its benefit to have him as my agent, thanks!
We have been around Dolphin for several years. If you need something done Anton is the one. Anton and his partners are attentive, quick to communicate, on top of the latest issues and quick to solve them. Dolphin is lucky to have him and so are the people that choose him as their agent.
Thanks Anton for your quick responses. Its always good to know that a question is going to be answered no matter how basic the question might be.
I am very happy and grateful for having Anton's as my "go to Guy" for Dolphin problems.....He is a reliable and knowledgeable support for Dolphin scripts. He has effectively addressed all the Dolphin issues that I have experienced since I became a user, and always in a timely manner. I am exceedingly pleased with his level of knowledge and professionalism during these transactions .

Thank you Anton!
Anton has been a pro since I have known him over the past couple of years. He helps me figure out the hard stuff so I can fix it myself if possible, because I like to learn it. Also, when I am missing something obvious he does not get the programmer genius attitude and insult me, even though he is a programmer genius.

He reminds me of a few of the electricians I know, because he is very calm and level-headed.
Anton's work is fine. Fast, acurate and practical. Great !
Anton was stellar! He was quick to communicate and provided excellent advice. I cannot imagine trying to navigate the process without his help.
ANTON is a very helpful and experienced agent. Two thumbs up.
I had several issues with my new datingsite. Alexander from AQB Soft accesed my ftp server and everything was fixed with lightning speed and with a great sense of humor too. I am impressed, greatful and my accomodations goes to Alexander, Anton and AQB Soft. A thousands thanks!
AntonLv was very helpful on me setup. he work with me step by step on getting my site up and working. he's a very good agent to work with. i recommend antonlv if you're new to dolphin7.....
AntonLv was very helpful. he work with me step by step on getting my website up. i recommend antonLv if you're new to dolphin7
Anton is both my agent and vendor (I have 4 of his modules). All of his work has been excellent and the support he provides is thorough, quick and extremely helpful.
I chose Anton as my Agent from day one. He replies in a timely fashion and is reliable. I have purchased a few of his modules from him and I have been very pleased with them. 1st class.
Anton please you Ok AQB OK
Great and reliable agent. A recommendation to all who desire a great programmer and incredible tech support. A truly great man.
The best thing i did was decide to have Anton and his team set up my site. Great service, Great products and FANTASTIC value for money!!! Helpful from the start. i will definitely be using them again!!! i highly recommend Anton and his team. Thank you so much for all of your help!!!
Hello, I'm from Spain and I have some difficulties understanding the English, wanted to ask if my licensure before long, I paid for it today but I have not received the letter that says (to complete the paypal transaction to BoonEx) the letter of the licensure I have not come, Would take many days to arrive?
When it comes to Dolphin, I cannot trust anyone else with my site like I can with Anton! he has been on point, very knowledgeable and huge asset. very quick to respond, I own Multiple of his mods and they are huge hits on my site. Thank you Anton for your awesome work!
Yes ,I know very wel AntonLV is very Agent man.I post my problem with URL later..Welcome to be my Agent.

We have said it before but we must say it again: Anton and is team (Alexey too) are the best support one can get!

We have them as Agent for almost 2 years now, and they are always available, always ready to help, and more, always ready to listen to our questions.

We have also several of his mods, and they work great. When we don't find what we need, he develops it for us, and the end result is always exactly what we wanted and sometimes even more.

Highly recommended to have Anton as you see more Agent!.

Anton, Alexey, once again, thank you soooo much for all you wonderful work and support! This community should be proud of such professional Agent.
I am very impressed with Anton and his team. I got my question answered very quickly. Thank you for your help.
I have worked with various CMS, but new to Dolphin7 and not familiar with it yet. I had a couple questions about the files for customizing and with a prompt reply Anton pointed me in the right direction. Thank you Anton:-)
l have to say when l first came onto boonex and became member l heard alot of people moaning that noone gives help and its a bad programme and l got alot of negative feedback, well that never stopped me and since joining antonhas been a great help fast responce and good instructions in problem solving keep up the good work anton and know you are truly appreciated
Anton has been a great help to us setting up our site using the Dolphin software.
He has answered many questions for use and helped with fixes that were needed to the site and upgrading of licences.
Quick to get back to you and fast with his work.
Very polite as well.

We would recommned Anton as an Agent if you really want the best service and support.

Dolphin is a great software, but there is indeed a learning curve and many pitfalls to avoid. So it's really important to have someone whom you can count on, for small changes or more ambitious customization. Anton and his team know Dolphin by heart, they work fast, and are very professionnal.

Whatever the stage of the project, Anton is a great help and a true asset !

A big thank you !!!
Thanks Anton, your prompt and reliable service is second to none. I look forward to future support and modifications. :-)


ie8 ratings were not working, but I still wanted to give you a good rating!!!!
Anton's a pleasure to work with - I highly recommend him if you want GREAT service and support. A++++++
Anton has always exceeded my expectation. Always quick to reply emails. He is very knowledgeable and i am very glad. I highly recommend him to anyone.
This is a true story: My mass mailer program wasn't working. I read the forums. I had no clue how to fix it. I got a VERY WELL RESPECTED and INTELLIGENT guy on here to look at it. He said he could fix it for 60 dollars. I'm not kidding when I say he worked on it for about 5 hours. He couldn't figure it out AND still wanted to be paid. I gave up.

Then this week I asked Anton to look at it. He fixed it in 10 minutes! 10 MINUTES!!!!! SERIOUSLY.

ANTON is a frigging genius. Seriously. He knows see more exactly what he's doing. He can fix ANYTHING! He's the quickest responder I've ever dealt with and he's super polite and honest. And he follows up.

If you need ANYTHING done on Dolphin, Anton is a perfect choice. He should be a millionaire cause he's one of the smartest guys I've ever worked with. My site would be screwed without him.
Anton is AWESOME! I highly recommend him. Anton will go out of the way to get your issues resolved quickly. He's a very good communicator and even works weekends! I am impressed with his hard work, intelligence and ethics.

If you want an agent who's on your side and puts you first, get Anton! Anton is A+++++++++++
Anton's responses to my questions were quick and meaningful. He never kept me waiting and went out of his way to assist me. If you are like me and are new to Dolphin and related modules, then choose Anton to be your agent.
Excellent support, Quick, and Very Helpful. Give him more than 5 stars if i can :)
Well my Upgrade is still in process but l have to say the service so far has already overtaken most programmers out there these are good guys and you can trust in their work and bear in mind this comment comes from a person that is very skeptical about programmers but l would trust any website l got in the hands of anton and his team, if you need programming upgrading or any issues fixed you need to stop reading this post and hire these guys you will be happy you did
Hi Anton, can please email me
Hello. I've sent you a message.
I sent an email with what Im looking to get done, please let me know. Thanks
Did you use internal BoonEx Unity mailbox? If so, then could you please resend it because I cannot see any messages from you.
Can I use this to create fixed tables where the user enters the values?
What exactly do you want to use? Do you say about one of my products? If you have some questions feel free to contact me via BoonEx internal mailbox.
I tried to use the mailbox system, I got a message indicating I had to buy your product before asking questions.... I am VERY NEW TO BOONEX... lots of Wordpress & Joomla. Where is the " BoonEx internal mailbox" and how do I contact you via this???

I built a "proof of concept" for a client. They have OVER 200 fields for the profile. I can email you a page layout if that helps. I tried using 'Extender for Profiles module by AndrewP'. After 2 days we could add one small table, see more no documentation so its had to figure out. Cannot edit Table Layout on backend, only delete and start again.

I saw your product My Account Composer which I was trying to ask you about... "Can I use this to create fixed tables where the user enters the values?" Must be able to enter layout, control access to that user only, admin only can modify layout. Maybe Profile Composer is a better fit ... cannot understand real difference between product.

What I need is 1/ which product will do this??? "admin only can modify layout" is crucial.
2/ can you do the setup? ALL 200 fields in lots of tables.
3/ This needs a Multiple Profile setup.
I logged onto your site but the 'splitter' still shows all fields for different types in your examples.. Your explanation of Premium says it can limit that. You use the phrase 'search results' but dont say which search this works on ... enhanced, basic etc.
Boonex will do 90%, its the other 10% which is the problem !!
Thanks Francis
You don't need to post a comment with a question on products' or profile page. Internal mailbox can be found here
Hi Anton, I have bought a few mods from you in the past and received great fast support. I was wondering if you helped with site problems? my zip code search doesnt seem to be working, I am happy to pay for service, thanks, doug
Yes, we provide customization and bug fixing services. Feel free to contact us via PM to discuss details.
I have worked with AntonLV to get a custom job done. They know their stuff, are very professional and reliable.
Keep up the excellent work and great service. I highly recommend them and will work with them again. Thank you AntonLV!
You are welcome and thank you for the review!!!
Anton is an outstanding and valuable programmer within the Boonex community! Highly respected and Highly recommended
Anton has emerged as my favorite developer.
Hes friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and most importantly to 'me', approachable!
If I need a certain plugin type, I check his items first to see if he has it. And if so, I buy it with no hesitation or second guesses.
Thank you, Anton! :)
Thank you very much for your feedback!
This is my first time to Anton's page and I am wowed by the reviews!

ABQ SOFT recently provided me with some detailed customizations for my website on a new project. I am happy to report I am a very pleased customer.

My initial contact with the company was immediately responsive and professional. Above all, throughout the project I always felt there was a real person, at-the-other-end, who sincerely wanted to help. That feeling came through with flying colors. I’m overwhelmed with the outcome.

The see more scope of the project, for me, would have been almost insurmountable, as I have programming background. But, it would have taken me months to complete! For this project I wanted a team that was dedicated, professional, knowledgeable and to be there when I needed them. ABQ SOFT was there.

I am not one who give reviews normally. I feel there is always room for improvement. I would never rate someone a level 5 on a scale of 1 to 5. Simply because, I believe the is always room for improvement. In this case however, this company was pushing level 5! Thank you ABQ SOFT!
Anthony DiCarlo
Thank you very much for so GREAT review!!!
I promise we'll continue doing our best and try to do even more... :)
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