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I Recently started using Arvixe as a webhost who can provide RMS for my clients. What a BIG mistake. What I do is create social networking sites for my clients with dolphin.
Simple stuff to be honest!
I customise dolphin sites to meet the customer requirements. Blah, blah, standard stuff. That is about it. I do not charge much (why should I as it is really easy and I would feel guilty if I charged a fortune. It is just pocket money and an interest.), around about $100 for a default install and basic customisation, plus tutoring on the admin panel, plus after sales support (yes you can question me on Skype or via email for eternity) I do not make much (an understatement) of a personal profit out of this and so I thought the Arvixe affiliate program could be the way to go to add a little recompense for personal time spent. BIG MISTAKE! I never thought it would happen to me but I reckon I have been scr*wed. I thought Arvixe were one of those big providers. Especially as Boonex promotes them actively (see blog post) and is making profit from each referral to Arvixe (when you click on the hosts page and select Arvixe, then Boonex will get money for each sale (hey nothing wrong about that! It is the way the web works)).

So I am owed $220 from Arvixe for my own referrals and Arvixe will not return my emails. It has been 7-8 days since my first email and many follow up emails, however you will be pleased to hear the sale department is still active and will return emails if they are sales enquiries. When making a sales enquiry to Arvixe it may be advisable to make sure the sale request is from different email account to any email account that you are using to requesting money from Arvixe. This is to ensure a response a response from Arvixe. It normally takes them about 1 day for Arvixe to respond to a normal sales request given my experience. However to restate the case they do not appear to respond as well requests for money given this experience. To be fair they have credited my Arvixe account with credits after I talked someone into using Arvixe but only found out that the person had clicked on the Boonex link to Arvixe first and so Boonex got the commission. So life goes on.

Having said all of this and summing up, I would personally not recommend Arvixe in the future and I think there are lots of better providers out there. I hope you find this blog entry useful in the future.
Live and Learn...
Best Paul

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Nathan Paton
This sounds unacceptable of Arvixe, but, from what I have both seen and experienced for myself, is expected highly of them. One of the people I am supporting is hosted with Arvixe, and they were trying to talk him into buying a dedicated server. After reading all these posts himself, he's no longer to keen to be even fulfilling his full month with them.

Nickel-hosts. What are you going to do? Dump 'em, that's what.
Andrew Boon
We have fairly good communication with Arvixe, so I would assume that maybe your case requires attention of a person that's on holidays, or something. Anyway, try to send your non-presale enquire to their pre-sale contacts and ask for urgent response, that may help. Keep us updated.
or something .......

Hello friends.. now this post has put me in dilemma.. Is this a good hosting for boonex?? I am about to buy a hosting in a day or two.. so would like to more on this? help please...

thank you.
I think Boonex should be host neutral.
this is the danger boonex partnering with Arvixe, whatever Arvixe gets up to, and they seem to be up to all sorts like some bait and switch scheme, ignoring its customers and so on, then it all reflects back on boonex for their highly polished pushing of this host. Its ok doing things for money, but you still have to watch who you partner with if you dont want to be seen in the same light.... surely boonex has a business advisor, doesn't look like it sometimes.
I'am more agree with with Caltrade in this case, Users can better rate a hosting by practice. So when users give a hosting let say a hoster a 6 or higher that Boonex give them a certification, but if the rate is coming under this 6 then delete the certification again.

Its a hint.
Arvixe emailed me this morning to explain the situation:
Hello Paul,
We try to get to affiliate questions as quickly as possible. But our main focus is always support and sales because without support and sales, our affiliates can't make any money. Therefore, we do not advertise nore should our affiliates expect 24/7 service when it comes to the affiliate program.
What is your affiliate username or ID? We can look into what you are owed and take are of it.
Arvand Sabetian

So all see more is good apparently. I feel a little sad that I had to post this blog to get some sort of response... Thanks for all the replies (pms) about alternative hosts, but I have a new one who provides free RMS along with hosting for my small project requirements. Let us suck and see.
My own personal experience of Arvixe has been one of overall satisfaction. As with any provider, there will of course be issues but its how they deal with those issues that is a mark of their QOS.

Its a shame that Arvixe took so long to reply to your enquiry as it left you with no choice but to make your situation public. I am sure that we have all been in a similar situation where we have had to speak out, whether it was related to our hosting provider or something completely separate.

I would see more recommend Arvixe as they have always responded to my enquiries very quickly. And best of all, they actually have a 24/7 support line telephone number that is toll free if you happen to be in that country or can be dialed for free from anywhere else in the world if you call them using Skype. I must have saved so much money by calling toll free numbers all over the world using Skype...its a great way to keep your costs down.

Of course I can only speak for myself and other Unity members may think differently. I do agree with Caltrade that Boonex should remain host neutral and leave it down to the actual members to rate them.

Why don't Boonex create some kind of Leader section for Hosting providers where people can vote publically (not anonymously) for the host provider they like the best?
Arvixe have now paid me the money that was approapriately due. Thanks to them for that. best too them fopr the future. Peace!
Arvixe and Hostforweb are tied for most compaint posts on the blogs/forums here.. and they were both pushed by Boonex. They should probably not endorse any hosts because the commission isn't worth all the angry clients.
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