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QRCode for



It's handy when you need to display a link to to people who may need to open it with their mobile.

Thinking about adding QRgenerator to Dolphin, for every URL - profiles, content items, etc.



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Yes, actually i use it on my site (look at i-nigma code box on the right side) with success. It's really useful. IMHO. :)
ok well i just used 5 different iphone QR code scanners and every one crashs my springboard and puts the phone in safe mode. They all do read the code off my lcd screen and say but when it goes to open up a browser it just resprings.

If you could build a scanner for ios 4.2.1 and have it load the browser right then sure maybe it might be cool.

This would have been nice to put on those idate badges (hint hint) next to the boonex logo....
Here are a few iphone apps if you guys want to give them a try.

Andrew Boon
QR Code Reader and Scanner (Big in Japan, Inc) with iPhone, and it works a charm.
We 've already use quickmark with dolphin.
We developped a booking system for dolphin event module and we generate an e-ticket with a QR code to allow access to our party.

It's work very well

QR Codes in dolphin Yes Please

Ive been working on source code for this for a while now and have loads of goodies packed in still testing never crossed my mind that others may be interested and with google starting its Boost services and QR codes on website will be everywhere soon offering limited and special features and service to mobile users and with 80% mobile traffic being social media there is lots of money that can be made by offering unique services and features to mobile see more users


Profile Geo Location Integrated into dolphin maps
Contact Information
Web Url
Email Address
Phone number
File Download
Wifi Hotspot

Open to other ideas for this project be great if this was to become the first pubic open source project for dolphin were everyone with experience can make a service that's better then all the other site listed above

I just installed Neoreader on my Android phone. Expecting it not to work, I went to scan the QRcode at the top of this blog and it worked almost instantaneously. Though when I recently tried it using a friend's iPhone to scan a QRcode that was in a magazine, we couldn't get it to work at all.
I hope its just a coincidence that i wrote on facebook about using QR code for accessing URLs on my mobile!!
good idea ...btw mysecretlife - dont you want share with us your developed code ?
Is there any mod for individual pages but being able to mass produce the code..... In other words if you have 115,000 pages you could have 115,000 individual QR codes? Anyone on this?
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