Dolphin 7.0.2 Beta 1

AntonLV posted 3rd of June 2010 in News. 23 comments.

Boonex is close to releasing a new build of Dolphin 7.0 with a lot of fixes and improvements. Most of the tickets were closed and Boonex decided to release the first Beta. You may find it using the following link A separate archive was prepared too.


Also, you are free to download the development version of Dolphin 7 from the public SVN.

SVN: svn://
username: guest
password: guest

2. The SVN is updated on a regular basis several times a day. So, if there are errors in your installation you may need to wait and download a newer version a few hours later.

If you found some problems, feel free to discuss them in the Dolphin Betas And RCs forum with the other members. If a number of users have the same issue then you may post a bug report ticket in the Boonex Trac. It should be checked and the problem fixed by Boonex developers shortly. If you post the detailed description of the issue and the way it can be reproduced it will speed up the process.

Thank you in advance.

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Thanks AntonLV!

Great job Boonex : )
Well done, looks like you might be on track.

I still have to edit my database with builders related modification (changeset 13996 - movable/clonable items)... Everything seems like to work well :-) (I am not using all features).

IMHO this is no acceptable reason to wait longer for a decent Mailbox Outbox :-( (Account owner beeing shown as Author for all sent messages rather than showing the Recipients of the messages)... After all, this is a really basic feature; historically the first functionnality of Internet !!!
What always confuses me is:

What would I be able to do with this version after I install it?
Test? Yes of course.
But why I shouldn't be able to upgrade it to the next version?

Or maybe I'm not getting something?

You may install it for test purpose only. May be you'll find some issue during installation or testing and we would be able to fix it and include in the final Dolphin 7.0.2, which should be available shortly.
Every thing looks real good so far.
Except of course the couples profile--It still has the same avatar image where you can only have the one image and the second persons info isn't all there!
I was hoping that it would be fixed on this version, I have been waiting to start another site in hopes of.
But I guess I will have to rewrite the join page on that one to.

But Boonex, Please try to get that working, most all my sites include the couple profile. and its hard to delete stuff on the join see more page and add other options that dont look professional.
strange I can't post in forums. I get access denied. Anyway I have posted on demozz site under findgreat.
Language file is not compiled in Orca.
Join or login page shows sometime only after when I refresh the page 2 - 3 times. Have the same issue in FF with 7.01.
Editor now saves with picture left aligned, but the first line slips above the picture.
Good work with the update. I'll dig into this later.
Can you guys make the poll more profesional so people can add photo on the poll and post or description with tags and tittle
I don't get it you guys are fixing all the bugs for dolphin 7.0.0 so the new upgrade will be Dolphin 7.0.1 and now i see you guys jump to dolphin 7.0.2

with is Dolphin 7.0.1 and why you guys are doing this
Great, will install and test it too! Such a release cycle is really good... :-)

Thnx Boonex! Great job!
know you are doing your best ...
@UFO360: version 7.0.1 was already out as bug update some times ago, this 7.0.2 version is a new upgrade after is out beta fase. :)
There is a distinct absence of Caltrade at this point in time. I am sure people know what and who I am talking about :o)
I am amazed at the complaints from the developers who license this product. This is an amazing product with incredible reach. A decent web developer can easily resolve 98% of these issues on their own instead of relying on boonex to come up with the solution. This is open source people. Give these guys credit for an amazing job. Sometimes people aim higher than they should and promise more than they can deliver. I see this all the time with my clients. I tell them to dumb it down. Keep it simple. see more Under promise, over deliver. Boonex has done an amazing job, you all should be thankful for a product as wonderful as this is available to you to make a living. If you think the product is not up to your standards, no one is putting a gun to your head to use it. You have other options out there. Remember that !
This is great news Thanks a ton!!! love the fixes and updates.
Good work Anton and thanks for the fixes and updates.
when the tag you click on brings results that span multiple pages, does clicking on the next page work in 7.02? I know in 7.0.1 it does not. I have tags that return over one page of results. you can click on the first page of results but when you try to page by clicking on next page or page 2, you get a blank page.
@cbassthefish - I am here but have been busy with other projects. What are you talking about?
@cbassthefish When you say, " I am sure people know what and who I am talking about" - I do not, and your comment is directed at me. Could you explain please.
@CALTRADE - Your love of non-upgradeable betas. In fact also my pet hate as well. ;o)
@cbassthefish - thanks for clarifying. For some reason I thought you were implying I had something to do with the DoS attack, and I can barely manage my own computer!
@cbassthefish - thanks for clarifying. For some reason I thought you were implying I had something to do with the DoS attack, and I can barely manage my own computer!
No worry's Caltrade, we all know or maybe I should say we all think deep down that this problem was brought on by dead man walking. Well maybe not all of the people here believe it. But I SURE DO! Nice one dead man walking, what have you got up your sleeve for Boonex now?
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